One truth about Covid-19
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One truth about Covid-19

I’m convinced, we love drama. I mean, if you consider the amount of fake news and Covid-19 conspiracies that frequent our Whatsapp broadcasts and Facebook timelines, you kinda have to wonder who is writing the script for this nonsense. (It’s posted on Facebook so it MUST be the truth. *insert eye roll*)

If we had to be honest with ourselves we’d admit that at this point we kinda don’t know what to believe when it comes to coronavirus. Are the stats even real? Wasn’t it created by the Chinese government? Bill Gates wants to control our minds, right?


But there is ONE single truth that I DO know about Covid-19 and I thought to share it with you, as we enter into a new season/new year.

Before I tell you my one truth, here is an example of some of the Covid-19 theories that are making it’s rounds on our social media feeds.

We blame the 5G for corona

Now, I know that the whole 5G debate is up in the air. For those not in the know, conspiracy theorist, Barrie Trower, says that 5G is to blame for the rapid spread of Covid-19. Barrie says that even though scientists have confirmed that Covid-19 is transmitted via respiratory droplets, he disagrees and believes that the virus is being spread through 5G waves. How low income countries (such as Iran) who have no 5G towers have managed to get the virus, I guess is an unimportant factor. Moving on.

Steam clean the virus away

So apparently the virus sits in your nasal capacities before it is transferred to your immune system. Well, that is what some of the medical experts, with no medical degree, on my Facebook timeline has told me. Sounds legit. The virus can be killed on surfaces, with very hot water (about 70°C) AND chemicals. If the steam theory was accurate, your would need to then steam with extremely hot water, in order to kill the virus. Bringing hot water into close contact with your face doesn’t feel like a good idea to me. It only takes 3 seconds of exposure to 60°C water to cause a serious burn injury.

The virus was created in a lab

The scientists that flood my social media timelines all agree that the virus definitely was created in a lab. They have it on good report. Now, despite the fact that it has signs of a “zoonotic” origin (that means it has an animal origin, not an artificial one). And despite the fact that bats and rodents have actually given us Ebola, rabies, SARS and Mers, it still makes sense to believe the Covid-19 was created in a lab. Because… well, soma just. Also, its the darn Chinese people out to get us. I mean, I don’t have answers for you. But I do know that our brilliant friends, in the East, are able to manufacture just about anything. So it makes sense. Kinda.

Wearing a mask makes you sick

Some of my fun friends over in the USA are so upset about wearing a mask in public that they’ve decided to boycott the mask altogether. They believe that wearing a mask makes you sick. They also believe that wearing a mask for extended periods will increase carbon dioxide intake.

In response to this, scientists and other clever people have pointed out that the cloth masks that we wear in public is very breathable, there is no risk of hypoxia (lowered oxygen levels) and carbon dioxide diffuses freely through the fabric. And hey, health care workers have worn masks for extended periods of time, for years, with no risk to their health. But, alas, my fun friends feel like that’s not the point and that wearing a mask is even more detrimental to your health than the actual virus.

Covid-19 doesnt exist

This is my most favorite theory of them all. Oh, to live in a world where Covid-19 doesn’t exist, would be the best gift of 2021! So the general plot is that global elitest are using this idea of a pandemic, to take away our freedom. It’s just flu… you aren’t even getting thaaat sick. You’re just panicking. Basically, all you need to do is steam and drink Vitamin C and rest and you’ll be A-Ok. But don’t buy into the hype. Because Covid-19 doesn’t exist. The cause of all the supposed Covid deaths is not even coronavirus related. It’s a hoax or a ploy of the government. But it’s not real, okay? Well that’s the general train of thinking, when you’re on Team Covid, What Covid?

The one truth

Honestly, my friends, just like you, I don’t know what the heck to believe anymore. Is it the government’s plot to try to control us? I don’t know. Does Bill Gates want to use the vaccine to implant a chip into our bodies? I have no idea. Is this World War 3? Dunno.

But here’s the one truth about Covid-19 that I CAN share with you: Covid-19 cannot steal your victory.

I mean, first of all, Covid-19 is not a death sentence. In fact, more people have survived the virus, than those who have succumbed to it. Is it deadly? Uh, heck yes. But does it change the fact that your life has purpose? No.

You are not doomed. Your family is not destined to tragedy. This won’t be the end of you.

Ride Safe with UberPractice wisdom, yes, but you don’t need to tip toe into 2021, with fear and gloom as your portion. Run victoriously into the new year, remembering all of the GOOD that you’ve witnessed and experienced in 2020. Run with eager expectation that 2021 will be a better year yet. And run with the knowledge that Covid-19 does not determine what type of outcome you and your family will have.

Peace is a commodity. Hope is a necessity. Faith is a life line and clinging to God, during this period will help you to find peace, hope and faith when you need it the most.

At the end of the day, friends, God didn’t promise that we would be without trials or tribulations. I mean, death is a given. But he did promise that when the poo hits the fan, He will make it all work together for our good and for the good of our families. This means that no matter what happens (be it sickness or death) it doesn’t mean that we are destined to live a crappy life of hopelessness and despair.

If you let Him in, He promises to turn your pain into beauty and your tragedy into victory. Victory is your portion… and nothing can take that away from you. Not even the coronavirus. And that’s the one truth about Covid-19 that I’m hanging on to.


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