Oyster farm boat cruise
Nelson Mandela Bay

Our amazing oyster farm boat cruise with Experience Days and Stampede Cruises!

Oyster farm boat cruiseVisiting the eastern part of South Africa any time soon? Well, firstly, give yourself a round of applause. You’ve chosen to enjoy one of the most beautiful (and historically rich) parts of the country and clearly have good taste. Well done! Secondly, pay special attention to the Experience Days website to check out some of the amazing Stampede Cruises experiences! The chartered tours around Algoa Bay, in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth), are relaxing and fun with just the right amount of adventure and edu-training thrown in for good measure. A bunch of us joined Rod and his crew on the scenic Oyster Farm Boat Cruise to the Zwembesi Oyster Farm, this past weekend, and it was all sorts of fun!

Oyster farm boat cruiseOyster farm boat cruiseThe Oyster Cruise is a whopping 90 minutes long and can host up to 12 guests on a catamaran. I pretty much felt like a super star, chilling on deck, with delish snacks and drinks (you can also bring your own along, if you’d prefer) and really great company. We were treated to six fresh oysters (with the trimmings) and I must admit, since it was my first shell fish eating experience and all, I was a bit apprehensive. My lovely preggo’s, Bianca and Risa, were unable to indulge, so I had to have one for reach of them, of corse! See footage for proof:

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Stampede Cruise owners, locals Rod and his wife Sherry, have a deep love for nature and the marine environment. Rod is basically a fish with legs and has spent more than 40 years exploring the beautiful bay area of Nelson Mandela Bay. He’s such a wealth of local knowledge and we enjoyed learning about oyster cultivation, oyster harvesting and the work done at the Zwembesi farm.

Oyster farm boat cruiseEn route back, we made acquaintance with a school of dolphins who were not shy about coming as close to the catamaran as possible to say hi! It was the absolute highlight of the trip for me! All in all we found the Oyster Farm Boat Cruise to be best fun we’ve had in a while (parents much?) and a unique way to spend your Saturday afternoon. At R300 per person, I would say it is definitely worth the spend! We can’t wait to bring the boys along next time, I’m sure they’ll have a whole bunch of questions for Rod. Better warn him to come prepared.

Oyster farm boat cruiseI love that Experience Days offers such a huge range of experiences to choose from, from adventure experiences, to photo shoots and even spa days. The possibilities are endless! These vouchers make for the quirkiest and raddest gift idea, ever!

Visiting Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) soon? Check out the really cool adventures available from Experience Days and visit the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism website for more deets!

Disclaimer: The Oyster Farm Boat Cruise experience was sponsered to me by Experience Cruises. (And it was legit amazing!) 

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