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5 Home Date Night Valentine Activities

I’d like to think that I’m an expert at staying at home. In fact, all of my best Valentine’s Day dates took place in the comfort of my living room. True story!

I mean, I love the idea of spending quality time with my Hubstopher, but the lure of my comfy couch and pajama’s is a lot stronger than the thought of having to scramble for a babysitter, pre-cook meals for the kids, get all dolled up and then drag myself (and my Hubstopher) to a restaurant, only to check in on the kids every few minutes and then call it a night when exhaustion hits me. (At 9pm, guys. The exhaustion hits at 9.)

I mean, who says a home date night has to be boring, anyways?! When it comes to planning the perfect Valentine home date night, you need to have a few key things in place:
1. The kids are bathed and in bed by 8pm.
2. We have a list of fun activities to partake in.
3. Someone has their Uber Eats app open, because mama’s not cooking tonight!

The app has a wide variety of cuisines with over 400 000 menu items available. We usually order a “starter” from one eatery, a “main” from another, and a dessert from a completely different restaurant, just to spice things up a bit! The cool thing is that the new Uber Eats delivery fee (which is super low anyways) depend on the distance between the eater’s delivery address and the restaurant you’re ordering from. So we always feel like we’re winning!

Once you’ve sorted out kids and food (at this point, you may consider taking a nap, but I dare you not to), how about partaking in these interesting home date night activities:

Nailing those New Year’s resolutions5 Home Date Night Valentine Activities

Movie Night

Set up your very own indoor cinema, complete with romantic lighting and lots of comfy pillows. You could add a romantic element to the movie-watching i.e. “One kiss every time someone says the word love” or “share a secret every time someone hugs”.

Watch your wedding video

Take a walk down memory lane by watching your wedding video together. My Hubstopher gets especially teary eyed every single time he watches us exchanging vows – it’s super cute! Up the ante, by including conversation prompts (questions in a jar) that would take you all the way back to when you first met.

Questions and Answers

We love a good questions and answers game, you guys. It’s really simple: write down questions (we usually do 20 each), place them in a jar and then take turns to ask them to each other. It makes for really interesting conversation starters and you end up learning a little bit more about your partner.

date without leaving your house

Board Games

A game night always scores a thumbs up from us. We’ve figured out ways to adapt even the most complicated of games, to a two-man show, making things a lot more fun. Hint: Add some prizes and penalties to make things a bit more dramatic and interesting. This is when I’d usually order some dessert, because with an under 30 minute delivery, it’s there before my Hubstopher conspires to win, keeping him distracted and letting mama sail to victory.

Dance it out 

Move the furniture in your living room, put on those slow love songs, and enjoy the evening in your partners arms, dancing the night away! Add an element of surprise, by each creating a special playlist and then putting it on shuffle, surprising each other with your song selections.

It’s easy with Eats! 

Whatever you end up doing, to celebrate the day of love, always remember that the real treat is in being together. Keep the night simple by ordering in via the Uber Eats app, and enjoying quality time with your loved one. Download the Uber Eats app from either the App or Google Play stores or order at ubereats.com

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Uber Eats.

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