Practical Valentine's gift Ideas

Practical Valentine’s gift Ideas for the spreadsheet brain

So I have a spreadsheet brain (but you guys already knew this) and because of my spreadsheet brain, I simply cannot allow my husband to spend copious amounts of money on flowers and chocolates, when February 14th hits. I mean, when he does, I totally appreciate it. But the spreadsheet half of my heart is busy calculating exactly how much he spent and what we could use the money on (I know, it’s bad, this is not me bragging, yo).

Anyways, in light of my spreadsheet brain and Valentine’s Day and you know, buying flowers and chocolates, I thought to put together a list of practical Valentine’s gift ideas, for those of you who are just like me (yep, semi-looney). Here are my findings:

Diamonds and Pearls
They say that diamonds are a girls best friend. Which may be accurate if you’re that kind of girl. I’m not that kind of girl (spreadsheet brain calculations and all of that). But I do love me some pretty and sentimental jewelry! I love receiving well thought out gifts like mood rings, lockets and bracelets. When my Hubstopher finds something that reminds him of me, regardless of price, I immediately love it!

Spa Day
Trust me guys, if you’re looking to find the perfect Valentine’s gift, a day at the spa will probably give you serious brownie points. I actually booked a spa day a few months ago, when I wanted to spoil Chris for his birthday. He loved it! Men love a good pamper too, yo! And most of the spa’s have romantic couple’s treatments that will have you feeling super relaxed and super, you know, in love all at the same time. Winning.

Make My Life Easier
If you really want to creep into my mama heart, you’d get me gift vouchers for those every day spoils that I can’t afford. You know, things like a cleaning service (someone else cleaning my house… heck yeah!) or a laundromat (because folding laundry is the spawn of evil). What about a dinner box subscription, where meals are sent to your door every week? Ooh or even a pamper voucher, for nails and hair. Those are the types of things that I would never dream to spend money on (because many kids, remember?).

Sweet smells
The idea of opening a gift filled with perfumes and sweet smell makers totally makes me feel like love is in the air, yo! And if you’re sentimental like I am, you’d probably keep the perfume bottle until you’re old and grey with a whole vanity filled with empty bottles. We’re our own special kind of crazy. But yes, a perfume set, filled with your loved ones favorite scent, is a definite winner!

Shoes and Bags
Men, women love shoes and bags. That’s that. Need I say more? (Clip note: if you’re unsure of the type style she may be into, enlist the help of a friend or sister who can point you in the right direction!) In my opinion, a practical gift like this will make me squeal a whole lot more than a box of chocolates, yo.

Practical Extras
I’m a fiend over things like notebooks, cute mugs, travel mugs, stationary sets and decorative desk stuff. Yeah, I have a Typo and Cum Books in my head… along with the spreadsheet brain. It’s pretty crowded up there. My point is that if your loved one is into this sort of thing, there are a range of amazing goodies at these stores, and they are quite affordable too! Cum Books is one of my faves and I love their range of Valentine’s “Love” inspired mugs and notebooks (pictured above).

So there you have it fam. Which of these are a winner, in your eyes? Hit the share button below and tag your special someone if you’re wanting to drop a hint!

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