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My week in pics: Weddings, Dresses and Growing Up

As far as these things go, this week has been especially tiring. I have pics to prove it. We seem to be over the top busy lately! So, couple that with excitement and bleughness and coffee (lots of coffee) and you’ll probably be slap dab in the middle of my week.  BTW I just spelt “coffee” – COUGHY and sat here staring at the word for a couple of minutes trying to figure out why it looks wrong. Yeah, tiredness level: Mushy Brain.


Why are we so tired, I hear you ask. Well, for starters, 3 members of our bridal party are getting married! (Not to each other) How dya like that? We have been asked to be part of their bridal party (such an honor) so lots of prepping is going on in my spreadsheet brain right about now. I’d like to think that all our inloveness has rubbed off on our friends. Ha! One wedding will take place out of PE in March so, as I’ve said in a previous post, I’ll be leaving my girl for 4 whole days… boohoo).

Added to this is the fact that it is birthday season for our group of friends and nearly everyone is celebrating a milestone! So it’s lots of party planning and birthday gift buying and thinking up ways to make people feel special. Oh and I have a birthday coming up real soon too and I’m still not sure how to celebrate it. But more on that another time.

And then, to top it off, I woke up feeling bleugh this morning, so that adds a really snotty cherry on top of the snooze cake. Anyways, I decided to have some coffee (I did say lots of coffee) and scroll through my cellphone gallery to maintain some sort of sanity as people pile loads and loads of work on my desk. (Who else likes looking at pics?) (Who else loves procrastinating?) (Who else is procrastinating right now?)

My camera roll this week:


I decided to have chilled nails this week. This color is one of my absolute favs – Essence Color and Go 157, My Fortune Cookie. It’s really old but still goes on pretty good, which shows the quality of this brands polish. And it’s a bargain at R25(ish) a pop.


Finally got to Skype special people in our lives, while doing some wedding prep with one of our good friends. Whoever invented Skype should be given an award, or something. Everyone remarked on how tall and grown Kyle looks now. It made me remember my previous post – my child is slowly turning into a man. How is this even possible?! Soon he’ll be leaving school, then leaving home and before you know it, he’ll be getting married! GAAAA I’m not ready to be a grandma yet 🙁

IMG_20160203_072128 My curly girly received great results from her last bloods (I spoke about it yesterday) and we are so chuffed at how well she is doing. At the moment though, I’m struggling with her hair. Okay, well, “struggling” is a bit strong. It’s just that her hair is very curly in some places and very not, in others. So I’m trying to get all the non curly bits to behave.


So this is what I’ve been walking into almost every morning, at work. I think my tea lady likes me 🙂 Mornings have been really difficult because both Hubstopher and I are exhausted! So every bit of kindness is truely appreciated right about now.


I had an interesting debate with some close friends with regards to whether or not you should be following your husband’s “instructions” when he asks you not to wear something. If husband says it’s too short, would you still wear it? But more of that on the blog next week.

In the meantime, can someone get me chicken pops please?


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