Heart matters

You don’t have to be Superman to be super, maaan!

JoyceSo I left work at 12pm today because my head has been a-throbbing non stop lately. It was bearable until I woke up this morning and felt as if someone had roundhouse kicked me in the face while I was sleeping. Hubstopher kindly and politely picked me up from work, brought me home and…well, left me at home, much to my dismay. There are 101 things that I could be taking care of during this time!!! But he says that I need to “chill and stop trying to be Superman”.

I guess the brother has a point. Sigh, I need to rest my spreadsheet brain a bit. There, I said it. In fact, we all need to rest. Yep, you too, lady! Moms, wives, grannys, aunties, all around the world, are constantly striving to be the best that they can be for their families. And while this is a beautiful thing (even the Bible speaks about such a woman and calls her blessed) it is for the sake of this very family that I need to take rest every now and then.


Oh, many reasons come to mind… things like mental stability and physical wellness are right on top of the list. But there are many other reasons like, for example, the spiritual aspect of things. One needs to regroup your thoughts and reset your goals every now and then and as much as we try to be “Super” everything, we need to set aside that special time for ourselves to do just that. Kinda like taking stock of where you are at and where you are going to. It’s really easy to be heading in disasters direction but not knowing it because you are so busy picking up toys, precooking supper and making sure his shirt is ironed.

Quiet time and solitude is a gift from God himself (remember, He declared the 7th day as a day of rest. He’s wise like that.) because there is more to life than just the living. Yep, that pretty much wacked every cliche saying about “life is for the living” right in the face. I was telling Hubstopher that it feels good to kick back, relax, look at your life from a different angle and think “life is good!” And sometimes, inbetween all the “living” we kinda need to make sure that we are aware of what we are living for and HOW we are living. Bad habits and unhealthy patterns are created out of mindless “going with the flow”… where is your flow gona go, you know? (see what I did there)

Are we making sound decisions or decisions that sound okayish? Are we thinking about our future or are we living for the now? Do we know which direction God is prompting us to?

You owe it to yourself and your family to set aside a time of quietness and reflection every so often, even if just to read a book or to write down your thoughts or to speak to God or admire His work. I promise you it will make a huge difference in your life.Moldiv_1454934564533

Anyways, so what did I do with my quiet time today? Welll…. I got home, kicked off my shoes, and did nothing except play Soda Crush for a good hour. (Whaaat?) I also reached for the wonderful book that I’m currently reading, by Ann Voskamp, called “One thousand gifts“. It speaks about gratitude and living a life of thankfulness. I’m really enjoying One Minute Devotions for Women, by Carolyn Larsen, too. It’s a cute pink leather covered mini book filled with daily thoughts and scriptures that you could meditate and reflect on. It is specifically centered around women and the challenges we may face on a daily basis, so it’s pretty relevant and really to the point. I love that.

I then heated up some mac and cheese and thought, hmm this is going great so far, I should blog about it! And here I am, sitting on my half made bed, with a few dishes in the sink, and I am not planning on doing anything about it!
Ha! Take that! (Okay, okay, for atleast another hour)

So that’s how my day went.

Oh and I took a selfie. Like a weirdo.
All in all a well rounded day.




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