What will my great grandkids know about me? {Review}

IMG_20160508_095419[1]Mother’s Day may be a day for spoils and pampers but I often find myself taking a moment to reflect on the type of mother I am to my kideos and the legacy I am leaving behind for them and my grandkids. Will they remember how much I love chicken? Will they invent and name a chicken dish after me? Must all my thoughts revolve around food? You know, things like that (and a couple of other deeper ones too).

A while ago I spoke about my Journey Journal – a diary that I had begun and maintained throughout my pregnancy with Curly. The journal is filled with facts and memories about my pregnancy and all my hopes and aspirations for her and her life. I also included little stories and anecdotes about myself and her dad. I plan to give this to her on her 18th birthday. I’m the most emotional and sentimental person this side of the twinsaver tissue box! And as you know, my spreadsheet brain, makes sure I do it right! That’s why I was so chuffed when a close friend of mine gave me a Mother’s Legacy Journal for my birthday, this year! What a wonderful gift! The book itself has a beautiful, purple, luxleather cover and a pretty ribbon marker – it is stunning! I turned the first page and was met with this quote:
IMG_20160508_095448[1]The journal itself proved to be everything an avid sentimental memory-collector, like myself, would want in a legacy journal! It is filled with different prompts, in a structured format, that allows me to pen my legacy by sharing early childhood memories, advice and life lessons I’ve learnt and even a bit of background about me and her dad’s romance and my family’s heritage! There are 192 pages (to be exact) and, of corse, they are lined, so you are able to jot down with ease.
IMG_20160508_095600[1]The various sections include: Me: At a Glance, A Few of My Favourite Things, My Life as a Little Girl, My Family Life, My Education, Me: On the Job, My Love Story, My Life as a Parent, A Life Worth Celebrating, My Life: The Main Events, My Sources of Inspiration.

This is such a lovely idea and will make for a wonderful gift or a spoil that you can get for yourself. I spotted the journal on Amazon and at CUM Books and it is pretty reasonably priced. Definitely a must have!

Hope all you fabu-mamas had an amazing Mother’s Day yesterday! I spent the entire day napping. Hahahahah. Oh, you thought I was being serious? Naps are as rare as unicorn sightings, these days. But oh well, for the love of the kids. 🙂


  • Sula

    Such a lovely thing to do. I kept a journal through my pregnancy with Fjord and his early years. Did the same with Acacia but got really slack. I’ve also heard about a book for Grandparents to fill in about themselves but have never found it.

    • Luchae

      That sounds lovely! All my grandparents have passed, but boy, I would totally have savoured a journal documenting their story! I love heritage and being able to pass that down generation to generation!

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