Video: Testing the new Pampers Premium Care nappy

Have you ever played back a recording of yourself and felt like you have absolutely no friends, because none of your current ones told you that when you speak, you sound like someone who is on cheap, recreational drugs? Well that happened to me the other day while I was doing a little video experiment to check out if the new Pampers Premium Care nappy (which was launched yesterday) is as amazing as I’ve heard it is. You guys know how my spreadsheet brain works – I want to see things for myself! So I was pretty excited to test these new super absorbent nappies out – with the help of my wonderful, curly, assistant, of corse. One can never have too many chatty toddlers around, while trying to record a semi-professional totally amateur home video.

Anyways, my findings were that the Pampers Premium Care nappy is pretty solid! One can only really appreciate how quickly the nappy absorbs liquid, and the fact that the wetness is distributed equally throughout the diaper, when you consider placing your own bottom in it. In that regard, well done Pampers, well done. Basically, the PPC nappies are created with channels and chambers that work together – much like a system of water pipes that collects rain into a cistern. The channels help to evenly distribute the wetness to chambers, where it is stored away from your baby’s skin.

The new Pampers Premium Care nappy also has a legit wetness indicator, which I think will be pretty useful, considering how many semi dry nappies we’ve wasted in the past. According to Pamper’s, the nappy’s silky soft cover makes it their softest nappy yet!

But anyways, check out my vid for yourself! (Isn’t my Curly adorbs?)

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