Baby Womb World's Tooky Toy

What my kids are playing with: BabyWombWorld’s Tooky Toy

I’ve been a parent for quite a long time (give or take 17 years, yo) so believe me when I say that it takes alot for a toy to impress me. I mean, sure it’s cute, but can it make me coffee? Kidding! I get it, the toys are meant to be for the kids. Well, that’s what BabyWombWorld founder, Heinrich, realized in 2016 after the birth of his first child. Toys are a great way to help your little one adapt to the big world. Kari and Jo were sent some of the stunning BabyWombWorld’s Tooky Toy to try out and let me tell you, as far as toys go, I would totally keep these for myself.

So what you need to know about Tooky Toy is that they are the most stunning wooden toys ever – timeless, creative and durable. Each piece and set is developed with your child in mind, to encourage imagination, incorporate real-life skills and build fine motor skills. They are eco-friendly manufactured and meet the most stringent international toy safety standards.

Baby Womb World's Tooky Toy My First FarmBabyWombWorld Tooky Toy My First Farm
Kari simply loved the BabyWombWorld wooden farm set and I don’t blame her… it’s super cool! Designed to foster creativity, the farm set features farm animals, vegetation and even little farmers, all beautifully painted. I think she loves the detachable bright red roof the most. The roof can easily be totally or partially removed so that she can get her little hands into the uber cool farm house. Made out of plywood, MDF and pinewood, I’m happy to report that the materials used to create this magical set is non-toxic. (Price: R695)

Baby Womb World's Tooky ToyBabyWombWorld Tooky Toy Baby Walker
Jojo’s wooden walker from BabyWombWorld is gorgeous and practical! The toy encourages him to walk (he still hasn’t taken his first steps, you guys) and features a bunch of cool, colorful gadgets that also promotes learning. My favorite thing about wooden toys (I mean, besides for the fact that it looks great in pics) is that it is sturdy and won’t crack or break like plastic. The walker is made out of plywood and pine and comes with a bunch of musical and counting instruments, that are attached to the front and sides of the toy. (Price: R900)

I don’t know about you guys, but my children have a better social life than I do. I mean, kiddies birthday parties are pretty much a mini social club for little ones! I usually try to get those birthday gifts a month or two in advance and I do try my best to find gadgets and gizmos that are interesting (books and puzzles are my other faves to give). So I was especially thrilled to find that the Tooky Toy range is well priced, starting at R55. These would make for great birthday and Christmas gifts, right?!

Check out BabyWombWorld‘s selection of fine kiddies gifts and toys on their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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