Are your kids losers? {Stick2Me can help!}

Stick2Me My kids are amazing, but let’s face it, they are losers. They lose things ALL the time.

Are your kids like mine? Maybe your kids are supernaturally gifted in the “coming home with both socks on” department. Maybe you’ve never had to crawl through a sea of tiny shoes, at a kiddies party, only to come up gasping for air, yelling “Has anyone seen a Ben 10 sneaker?!” Maybe your life is different. But I’m guessing that it’s not because, let’s face it, kids are kids and they lose things.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m a “marker pen mom”… you know, the type that writes their children’s names on just about every single piece of item they own! Heck, I’ll marker their name ON their markers, if I have to!
Kids item stickersSo  can you image how thrilled I was when I received these Stick2Me labels! Not only are they durable, waterproof, microwave and dishwasher safe and available in just about every single size and form that you would need them in, they are also NOT boring to look at! Score!

Stick2Me‘s very own mama, Annie Nadeau, personally illustrated all the colourful collections available. That’s pretty rad, Brad! I mean, if I’m going to scar my child’s belongings with a sticker, why not a pretty one?
Shoe sticker There are labels for just about everything! Pencils, dishes, pencil bags, books, iron-ons for clothing, hats, socks and hey, even labels for shoes! I love that the shoe labels come with a protective, transparent top sticker, to add to the durability of the sticker.

Constantly losing clothing items? Then you need to get your hands on the Stick2Me white labels. These are machine washable and water safe. I’ve stuck some to my Curly’s bottles and even her clothes, and they’ve been through the wash countless times, with the sticker still securely intact. I’m pretty impressed.
Kids clothing sticker You are able to design your own stickers by choosing your collection and font of choice, in the order section.

From dinosaurs to monsters to pretty owls, these collections are absolutely stunning! I obviously went with the Princess collection for my curly girly, because duh. I received 200 top quality labels that comprised of 32 labels for smaller objects, 24 for shoes, 8 for book corners, 120 for smaller objects such as pencils and 16 bigger labels. Most of these come with a transparent top “cover” sticker, to make that sticker even more robust.

Kids toys stickers

Based on the quality and durability of the product (and the fact that it’s based in Canada) I expected to pay a couple of hundred rands for the 200 labels that I had ordered. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cost of $33 dollars had been slashed to $21.95 (R293.77) and that Stick2Me delivers anywhere in the world, absolutely free! Double score!

You want in on this, I know you do. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Goodbye lost clothes and shoes! Goodbye sibling “whose toy is it anyways?” arguments! Goodbye permanent marker! Goodbye spending money on a new lunchbox every few weeks!

To place your order, and personalise your very own collection, check out the Stick2Me website. Plus if you order before the end of January, using the code STICK2ME, you receive a pretty sweeeet discount! You’re welcome!

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