Cake smash alternative: First Birthday Paint Session
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Cake smash alternative: First Birthday Paint Session!

Okay, so you’re a mom and you’re scouring the internet for ideas on how to document your little one’s first birthday. But for some reason, the idea of having your baby dig into a cake is just not appealing. That’s okay. You’re in a safe place, you can confess. Maybe playing with food is not your scene. Or maybe you feel like you need a fresh approach to the whole thing. Well, guess what, Michelle of  Cutepix Photography now offers moms a first birthday cash smash alternative: The First Birthday Paint Session! You guys, I LOVE this idea! And yes, I know, the way I gush on and on about Michelle’s work is a bit dramatic. But trust me, it’s sooooo well deserved! She is super creative and I love that she thinks out of the box. I mean, her latest shoot with Jo was pretty darn sweet! Scroll down for proof.

I love everything about a paint session photo shoot, you guys! For starters, as I’ve said, smashing cake might not be your baby’s thing. In fact, Kari cried through out her cake smash shoot, because she did not like the texture of the cake on her hands. She would totally have enjoyed a first birthday paint shoot!

Jo really got into it. Once he had the paint brush in his hand, he somehow knew that he is meant to use it to paint on the canvas. (I told ya he’s a genius!) He loved messing around with the colors and, yup, ended up painting his hair. Messy, but it made for such great pics AND double score: messy play is such a great teaching tool anyways.

Michelles paint session package only costs R800. That’s a freaking bargain! Included in the package:
– A photo shoot of your kid painting. You get between 60 – 80 photos.
– She provides the canvas and paint. The paints are all non toxic and kiddie friendly.
– You get to keep the masterpiece at the end of the shoot (This is SUCH a brilliant idea for a gift!)
– At the end of the shoot, you can pop your kid into a bubble bath at the studio, for an extra little photo shoot, complete with baby and bubbles!
All for R800. Madness, I tell you!

If you’re not sure why I think it’s madness, please do have a look at the photos that Michelle took of my little ones. You’ll see that her work is quality. She also has a lot of patience which makes it easy for kids to be calm around her. I highly recommend her services! For more check out the Cutepix website. For bookings, please email Michelle directly. She is a busy lady so book your time slot asap!
(Clip note: Cutepix Photography is based in Nelson Mandela Bay)

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Cake smash alternative: First Birthday Paint Session

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