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DIY storage space ideas

If you live in a matchbox, like I do, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to maximise your space. I’m learning the hard way that life with boys can definitely leave your home feeling cluttered. Can you imagine the state of my (spreadsheet) brain when I come home to shoes and Xbox games and the likes, scattered around the house? Order must be kept!

And then its choruses of “Babe, where are the car keys?” and “Mommy wheres my [insert random object of importance here]? I reeeaaally need it for school tomorrow!” 
Such a fun time. 
I will accept a little bit of the blame. 
I am the eternal collector and have a large collection of CD’s and DVD’s. (Aint nothing like the reeal thing baby). 
With that said, I am always looking for nifty ways to store or display things and found Google to be really helpful with this. 
Check out what I’ve found: 
“Your car keys are behind the frame, dollface!”

My pots n pans cuboard is the worst!

This is cool! 

This is so easy to make! 2Litre cooldrink bottle! 

Some magnetic action going on here

No need to lift up a bunch of pots to take out the tray
Hmm… but then to store the storage boxes. Not sure how I feel…

Love this! It’s a frame! No, its a book case! 

CD case

Magnets again! 

A hanger. Love. 

Again, where to store the boxes?
Great idea! 

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