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Ride Safe with Uber

I’m a professional Uber-rer (is that a word?) but, with the Covid-19 pandemic floating around, I’ve been a bit more nervous about climbing into a driver’s vehicle.

I was so relieved to read about Uber’s fantastic #RideSafeWithUber campaign and the protocol that they’ve put in place to ensure that both the rider AND the driver remains safe at all times!

I mean, Covid-19 has drastically changed the way we live (and think!) and we’ve had to adjust to a new normal. So I’m quite pleased that Uber has decided to enhance the safety features available on the Uber app.


A new interactive safety checklist, that both driver and rider must acknowledge before booking the trip, helps to keep both parties committed to following the necessary guidelines. This is super helpful because it reminds you to wash your hands and wear your mask etc. Drivers are required to follow WHO/local public health authority Covid-19 regulations, which means that cars must be sanitised before or after each trip. Riders are reminded to sit in the backseat and to open windows for ventilation.

BTW I think it’s so rad that Uber has partnered with YES to supply the drivers with a mask, should they need one, and that they reimburse eligible drivers for the one-time spend on sanitiser or disinfectant.

On trip

Masks are mandatory, as per the government’s safety guidelines. It just makes sense! Both riders and drivers are not allowed to remove masks, once inside the Uber.

Post trip

Both the rider and the driver are encouraged to leave feedback, via the app, regarding the safety and hygiene of the trip. Drivers and riders are prompted to report any behaviour that makes them feel safe, in any way. In fact, drivers can even report a situation where a rider removes a mask at any point during the trip! The feedback received through these will be considered in accordance with Uber’s mandatory use of face masks.

But wait, there’s more!

Uber has introduced mask detection – an in-app tool that detects if drivers are wearing a mask or not. How legit is this?! Drivers will be asked to take a selfie to confirm that they are wearing a face covering and once confirmed, riders will receive a message to say that the driver has taken all necessary precautions, to ensure a safe trip.

Should the Uber arrive and the driver or rider are not wearing a mask, both parties are able to cancel the trip and will not be charged a cancellation penalty!

Maximum seating capacity has been reduced to 50% per vehicle, and riders are encouraged to sit in the back seat, with enough physical distancing between rider and driver.

As always, contactless payment is available, such as Uber Cash options with EFT and Barter.

So, as you can see, Uber really has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of both rider and driver. I appreciate that they’ve put so many safety measures in place and that they care for both the driver and an actual Uber-rer, like me.

What do you think about Uber’s Covid-19 safety measures?

Disclaimer: This post was paid for by Uber South Africa.

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