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Is there a doctor in the house?

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I’ve been struggling with a re-occuring pain in my chest for the past few months now.
Its in a weird place – right beneath my breast on the right hand side. It seems to be a deep pain. If that makes sense?
My GP told me that it might be a strained muscle. I immediately thought, duh, only I could sprain a muscle in my chest.
I mean, in my CHEST… a muscle. Sprained. Only me.

Anyways, the pain comes and goes, which is weird if it’s a sprained muscle (Ya, I am pretending to know medical things). So I decided to go for a second opinion and this time ended up with a female doctor. She is lovely… very upbeat and fresh. I like her.
She diagnosed me with inflammation in my diaphragm… which explains a lot! She gave me a lekker fat injection and prescribed some crazy meds (trepiline – the anti depressant – being one of them). I am meant to go back next week to see if I need to go for a scan.
As I left her office I said “Thank you! I feel much better already!”
She replied: “Well… that’s what I’m here for.”
Isn’t it wonderful that God gives certain people the ability and passion to help Him help others?

It seems that I’ve been faced with a lot of “doctor talk” the past few weeks.
I’ve been on a faith walk lately, with a few family members and friends, who are dealing with various health problems. One of them is really close to home – my 17 year old baby brother. And I’ve had to repeat the same scriptures over and over as a reminder of God’s promises.
Scriptures that remind them that He is more than enough… everything we need and then some.
He says that He never fails. He wins all the time. And if we trust in Him then we win too.
True words but also a nice and fluffy blanket to offer to others. But what about when we have to believe that for our own lives?
Even though it’s not a serious, life threatening illness, I found it particularly amusing that I am now the one in the doctor surgery, getting news that doesn’t even make sense to me. I am now the one that has to trust God for healing. And I am now the one who has to pray for wisdom for my doctor – that she makes wise, knowing, decisions that would aide me and not harm me.

I sometimes pray so fervently for those who are dear to me, to be healed and their bodies restored, that I just cant believe that anything other than that will happen. But we have to make room for God to do his thing. We want to wake up to an instant miracle. But sometimes He wants to take His time with us – allow us to cling to Him – and build us up in the process, as we trust in Him.
It’s easy to say “God is good!” when something wonderful happens.
But to say “God is good!” when life does not make sense, is a true test of faith.
So that’s where I’m at right now.



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