I found out I was pregnant

And then I found out I was pregnant

I fell pregnant with Karis like, two months into our marriage. It was a beautiful, scary surprise… one we were not prepared for! Yep, it was all totally unplanned, but such an exciting thought. Plus, more children to make me tea… I was winning already. And now, as we prepare to celebrate her birthday, I can’t help but remember the day that I found out I was pregnant. It’s one of my favorite memories!

Planning to plan
We knew we wanted to have babies – since Hubstopher has one and I have one. Having a kid of our own just made sense. But my spreadsheet brain planned (hahaha because I think that I can plan these things) that I would only fall pregnant once we were married for a year or so. We had just moved into our new place and I was still busy unpacking and preparing the boys rooms and all of that. I had wanted to get some new curtains and carpets and had so many diy decor stuff I wanted to try out. I wanted to set up our kitchen so that I could be a culinary expert for my family, cooking them gourmet Jamie Oliver stuff. (All gone in the wind. Try doing that when you’re puking your lungs out because you cant stand the smell of lettuce).

So, taking my spreadsheet brain into consideration, I would like to think that I was always very diligent with those tiny, annoying contraceptive pills (which took some getting use to). I mean, im my mind, I could just like, you know, decide to not fall pregnant and that would be it. (Because it worked so well the first time around, right? Well done, Luchae.) Anyways, I had started taking the pills about a month before the wedding, but they gave me leg cramps and a bunch of other nasty side effects. The nurse at the mediclinic advised me to stop taking them immediately, because the cramps were a symptom of blood clotting! She told me to wait for a month and then she would put me on something else. Easy peasy. I mean, how much trouble could we get ourselves into, in a span of 4 weeks? I remember hanging up the washing a few days after that, and I put my hand on my belly and said “God, if you want me to be pregnant, then bugger my plans… I’ll be okay with that! Have Your way.”

I just knew
Soon after that I started feeling queasy and drained. (Who lied and said that you only feel tired when you’re a few months pregnant?! Shoot that busy.) Look, if you’ve been pregnant before, and you know what morning sickness nausea feels like, then you KNOW the difference between “oh I just ate something and now I feel queasy” vs “Oh my hat! My stomach is doing cartwheels, while breakdancing, on it’s head. I’m pregnant!” I mean, I had to reprimand myself for being too dramatic, but I just KNEW that I am ‘with child’. The fact that I could be pregnant seemed far fetched and I was elated and excited but also so concerned about what people would think. I mean, we’ve only been married for a couple of seconds. What is WRONG with us?!

International women's dayAnyways, keep in mind that all of these thoughts occured before I even did a test. Bwahaha. So I did a couple of home pregnancy tests, and it came out negative. (Yeah, I said “a couple”) The last one I did (at work nogals) had a faint second line. So I promptly sent my bestie a message saying “what does this mean?” (She had found out she was pregnant two weeks earlier and had sent me the same message.)

The best moment
The next day, my family doctor did a pee stick test as well and said “sorry, its a negative”. But he sent us for a blood test anyways, which we did the following day, en route to a wedding. Since we had to sing at the wedding, the blood place person (sorry, what are they called now again), was a friend of a friend, so she promised to send me a text once she had the results.

So picture us, sitting at a wedding ceremony, getting ready to go up to sing, and I get this sms:“Congratulations, you’re going to be a mom again!” 

Woohoo!!! Of corse my darling husband wanted to burst out in tears! The wedding ceremony was underway, so we couldn’t even scream or shout or hug each other and then 10 minutes later, we were called to the stage to sing… talk about an Oprah moment! It was very dramatic for us.

Post wedding, we called our families immediately. Whaaat? I know that you’re suppose to wait until you’re atleast three months along, but we were just so excited! The boys were told together. They were excited. And apprehensive. Both had already received a newly acquired sibling (from their other parents), so they reckoned they were experts already. And then lo and behold my doctor calls, saying he’s been trying to get hold of me since Friday. It turns out the pee stick test turned positive after we had left the surgery! Haha. Talk about a movie ending.

And our Karicurls is the star! Man it has been such a journey ever since! Our little darling has brought so much joy and I wouldn’t trade any part of it for anything! Having this baby just restored so much in our lives. God’s plan is the best plan.

Thank you for journeying with me today. Karis celebrates another birthday tomorrow – she is a tad bit more excited than I am.

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