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#ungratefulnessCan we all just take a chill pill? Well, atleast, just for a couple of seconds while  I try to fix my hair. I don’t know it just seems as if everyone’s so on edge lately; standing on guard, fists up, ready to retaliate if someone so much as sneezes in their direction. #feesmustfall? More like #ungratefulnessmustfall.

The recent campus uprisings have totally broken my heart. I miss a simpler time, where people were actually thankful that they are able to get an education. And I long for a time where the voices of those without power are amplified through their united effort to fight for the SAME thing… the RIGHT thing. There’s too much opinion running around lately, like a baby without a diaper, messing on everything. I get freedom of speech. I get it. But I also know that there is power in unity and there is chaos in rebellion and disunity. What’s the point if everyone is shouting at the same time, but they are not saying the same thing?

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be the expert on #feesmustfall and higher education politics. I’ll most probably give you a better explanation on the difference between Weetbix and Kellogs. But I do know that making everything free is potentially harmful to the quality of the product and the value put in and taken out, of the product. So now we have a bunch of students running around, wanting LIFE to be free and easy. I guess they reckon that their disruptive demonstrations are actually helping those students who study by candlelight because they can’t even afford to have electricity in their homes. Are your uprisings for the benefit of the student who can’t afford school books? Or are they feeding a spirit of ungratefulness for the PLENTY that you have more than they do?

Education should be easily available for those who WANT it. (Guess what the keyword is)
Burning down buildings, damaging property and being destructive does not come across as wanting it. Sorry.

And anyways, going to university use to be a prestigious thing. Not something that any Tom, Dick, Neville and Bongani could just easily waltz into. What are we instilling in our students when it’s easy to go to Grade 11 because you’ve failed Grade 10 twice? It’s as if we are purposefully fostering a culture of “Ag anyways”… It’s like, ‘oh hey, you get to go to the next grade because you didn’t study for 3 years, oh and here’s some free education as a bonus! Well done! Keep on keeping on! ”

What does this create? Zero expectation, no appreciation and no repercussions to not giving your best.

Perhaps we should reconsider wanting things to #fall and rather focus on fixing what’s cracked, instead of breaking it. And maybe, just maybe, when we begin to foster a spirit of hard work, determination and gratefulness, then we will begin to see change around us.

If we must fight, let us fight together, for the RIGHT thing. And if the people need to shout to be heard, let us make sure we are shouting the SAME thing, speaking what is true, free of selfish motive and on behalf of those who can’t do it for themselves.

*drops the mic*


  • Jozi Wahm

    I am in two minds about the legitimacy of the campaigns, a small part of me empathizes with the students, while mostly I share your sentiments. What does really bother me the most is the manner in which these protests are conducted- why do they have to be so destructive? Surely, if universities have to spend additional money repairing damaged infrastructure, there will be less in the pool for any potential fee reductions! Surely a student who is smart enough to enter tertiary education should at the very least be capable of entering into negotiations in an appropriate manner using the proper channels of communication. Should students who lack the maturity to grasp these basic concepts of civil human interaction even be entering tertiary education?

    • Luchae

      So agree! We live in a day and age where we are afforded the right to conduct meetings to voice our opens and we even have the right to peaceful “toyi-toying”, but to damage property in a “throwing my toys out of the cot” kind of way… not cool.

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