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Fried chicken and egg fried rice so easy my teen made it!

Kyle last In a strange turn of events my game-head teenage son has decided that he wants to be a chef. Mama’s not complaining. I am ecstatic that the kid’s found something to throw his passion and ambition into. The other night he offered to make his “specialty”, fried chicken and egg fried, for supper. (Keeping in mind he’s never ever made this “specialty” before, so I’m not sure how it became his “specialty”). 

I took a deep breath, slapped my spreadsheet brain around a bit to calm it down, and then allowed him to crown me his sous chef (aka assistant) while Chef Kyle took over and did his thing in the kitchen.

His recipe, in his own words:
Kyleb The Great Kyles Special Fried Chicken and Egg Fried Rice
Chicken spice
Mixed veggies
Spice for rice
Soya sauce
Chopped herbs
Whatever you find in your mother’s kitchen

kylec Method
Fried chicken: Clean chicken. (Or get your sous chef to do it) Mix chicken spices and flour in shallow dish. Beat 3-4 eggs and transfer it into another shallow dish. (Add milk if your mother doesn’t want you to use all her eggs) Dip the chicken into eggs and then into spiced flour. Once covered, lay chicken on baking tray and grill in oven for however long it takes.

KyledEgg fried rice: Cook rice (Or get your sous chef to do it). Brown onions and greenpeppers in a pan. Add mixed veggies and allow to cook. Add spices and soya sauce. Once this is ready, add rice and mix. Allow to simmer and finally add 3-4 eggs. Stir continuously until the eggs have been cooked.

KyleeQuestions I asked while the master was at work:
1. So why do you want to be a chef?
I was watching this anime series where this boy was trying to be the best chef in his culinary school and decided I want to be a chef too!

2. Okay, but WHY do you want to be a chef?
Because I am Kyle the Great!

3. Kyle, why do you want to be a chef?!
Because I like making food!

4. What is your favorite ingredient to use?

Whatever I find in the kitchen, at the moment.

5. What is your top chef tip, that you’d like to share with the rest of the world?
Don’t be afraid to play around with your spices.

6. How do you intend to hone your skill as a chef?
Watch more anime about cooking and drop out of school after Grade 9 to join a culinary school.

I can’t remember the rest of the interview because I passed out while laughing hysterically at that last answer. What a funny joke. The child’s got a sense of humor.

And there you have it: Chef Kyle’s specialty: Fried chicken with a side of egg fried rice! (It tasted really good too!) Kylef


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