Mani Monday with Woolworth’s Pretty Paint

JT One Pretty Paint

I was super chuffed when Woolworth’s Beauty partnered up with the #ECMeetUp a few weeks ago. They gave away fabulous beauty hampers and added a few of their favorites to our goody bags! The biggest score for me though was the introduction to the JTOne nail polish range, ‘Pretty Paint’. I tried a color and had to have them all! (Take that shocked look off your face, ya’ll know I love nail polish!)

The Pretty Paint collection is a range of trendy color-pop polishes, available in a 10ml bottle. All the paints are vegan friendly and they cost a dazzling R29.99. I know, right? Better news is that the current Woolworths 20% off promotion includes these popular paints. After hearing that, I HAD to get a few. I mean, it just made sense. These are my faves at the moment. Aren’t they positively adorable?! I love the bubblegum pop element to these shades.

JT One Pretty Paint
(left) #Delicious, #Tinsel, #MintyFresh, #Bedazzle, #HappyGirl

The paints have a beautiful opacity and they go on really smoothly, and not as streaky as one would expect from a non-expensive polish. Two coats did the trick (I always use a top and base coat, for optimal results) and my mani lasted me about 4 to 5 days without chipping. That’s impressive, yo!

JT One Pretty Paint Mint

The glitter paints have a translucent base and I found that dabbing the polish on gave me more glitter effect. This is one layer of polish and I guess that the fabulousness increases with every layer that you add.

JT One Pretty Paint Glitter

So there you have it! I am totally in-like with the JT One Pretty Paint range. What do you think? Would you try it?

Glitter and Pink nail art


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