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Books that help you keep your marriage lit

keep your marriage litYes, I referenced the word “lit” in my heading.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married for, when February comes around you’re kinda hoping that something special will go down on the 14th. Fire! Explosions! Dynamite! Okay, calm down, maybe not fire. I mean, with all the logistics we need to deal with – and by logistics, I mean children – getting any sort of “marital burning” going on comes with its own challenges. So I’d settle for a small flame, even. But the beautiful thing about marriage is that you have your whole lives together to get (and keep) those sparks flying. It is with this in mind that I pulled out these 3 great reads for relationship month. And yes, I’m giving some away, in case you’d want to, you know, keep your marriage lit, and stuff. The 14th of February is just one day. And I’d like to have my marriage around a bit longer than that (try: forever). How about you?

I loved that these reads, from Christian Art Media, encourages us to be better spouses (because, as my previous post implied, it’s not always something the OTHER spouse needs to work on). At the end of the day, your marriage is an example to your kids. Your girls learn how they need to be loved and respected by a man (and honor him in return), and your boys learn how to treat a lady with dignity (and that being “the man” doesn’t mean you have to be a hotshot.)

you and me forever reviewYou and me forever by Francis Chan and Lisa Chan
Francis Chan is a best-selling author and phenomenal speaker who has toured the world, sharing his knowledge. In this book, he (along with wife, Lisa) share various ideas on how to keep your marriage lit (sorry, I just had to), by NOT focusing on it! The chapter titles speak for themselves: “Marriage isn’t that great”, “Learn to fight well” and “Is there hope for us?” Each page is filled with insight that helps you to focus on the bigger picture and not just on how YOU feel and what YOU want. Marriage was designed with a purpose in mind – is yours serving its purpose?

Priceless Joel and Luke Smallbone reviewPriceless by Joel and Luke Smallbone, with Nancy Rue
Joel and Luke Smallbone are the brothers behind Grammy award winning duo, For King and Country. (I actually reviewed their latest album here). I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are brilliant story tellers too (well, if their songs are anything to go by, it’s not that hard to believe!)

Their book, Priceless, tells the fictional tale of James Stevens, a good man who had tragically lost the 2 most important people in his life. Angry and desperate, James accepts a shady job offer to drive a box truck across the country – until he discovers WHO he is delivering. It is a beautiful story of redemption, heroism and love. If fiction is your thing, this is definitely one you need to get into this month. The book was recently turned into a major motion picture – so that’s a plus! Date night, anyone?

sacred marriage review gary thomasSacred marriage by Gary Thomas
Contemporary teacher, Gary Thomas, has sold more than half a million copies of this little gem – a book that has been hailed as “thoughtful, deep and truly impactful”Sacred Marriage is filled with stories, anecdotes and provocative discussion questions that help you to deepen your love for each other and your relationship with God. This little (hand bag sized) novel has been designed to rouse a spiritual awareness in you, as you discover your spouse and ultimately change your mindset about life, marriage and eternity. It’s a good read, yo!

Are these books for you? Do you need to stoke the sparks of your marriage? Or are you nearing marriage and want a head start? If you do, I’m here to help! I want to pass one or two of these on to some My Spreadsheet Brain readers! To enter simply complete the entry prompts below. Easy peazy lemon squeezy!

The competition entries close on February 13th at midnight. The winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on February 14th. (I know, how romantic of me!). I will be posting this link to my Facebook page, if you’d like to share. Do you follow my blog there? You should. Because world peace and save the trees and stuff.

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