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Books that made me appreciate life

appreciate lifeWhenever my birthday comes around, I find myself valuing the gift of life, love and family. We are so blessed! All of us. Yes, even without Kim Kardashian hair. I’ve been enjoying a few amazing reads from Christian Art Media, that made me appreciate life even more. These books helped me to self reflect, clear my head space (which is usually difficult if you have a spreadsheet brain) and realign my thoughts. They say you are what you think. It’s the TRUTH! I’ve found that when I focus my thoughts on that which is good, my mood is instantly lifted, my goals become clearer and I am able to face challenges with a smile on my face! So, to say happy birthday to me, I’d like to give some of these amazing books to one reader. But first, more on the books:

Ann Voskamp The Broken WayThe broken way by Ann Voskamp
If you are familiar with Ann Voskamp, you’ll know that this wonder mama has seven children and is a wife of a farmer. She is the author of New York Times bestsellers, One Thousand Gifts and The Greatest Gift. This lady knows her stuff. In The Broken Way she shares stories and reflections on how to deal with your “unspoken broken”. We’ve all been there – in a pit of hopelessness when life does not shape up quite like we imagined. She poses the questions: Whats the answer to suffering, to the brokenness of all our hearts? How do we reach a point of wholeness, after heartbreak? I find Ann’s writing to be refreshing and thought-provoking and it would simply make my day to know that I can give this gift to one of my readers!

Earth Psalms Francine RiversEarth Psalms by Francine Rivers
I love Francine Rivers! Her story telling prowess captures you in a such a way that you can’t help but feel changed after reading one of her books. Earth Psalms is a devotional, focused on how God speaks through nature. The book, featuring Karin Stock Buursma, is filled with beautiful imagery. These breathtaking photos complement the insightful observations that Francine shares; powerful reflections gathered over a lifetime of exploring. This would make the perfect Mothers Day gift!

Jean FischerBible Memory Plan and Devotional (for Women) by Jean Fischer
If you’re looking to start your day off right, consider adding this handbag sized devotional to your morning routine. It is a convenient little guidebook filled with inspiring devotional readings, practical memory tips and reading suggestions. When I first started paging through the devotional, its table of contents immediately drew my attention. It was filled with everyday things that us, as women, go through! BIG things. Things that need the power of prayer to see it through. Things like worry, friendship, forgiveness, motherhood, courage and surrender. This little book has been a blessing and I hope it will be soul food to you too!

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