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2017 #ECMeetUp: Meet our guest speaker!

The stage has been set, the venue is booked and the guest speakers are a-prepping to give you the best 2017 #ECMeetUp this side of the equator! (Well, it wouldn’t be called the Eastern Cape Meet Up if it wasn’t on this side of the equator, but that’s not the point). Eastern Cape bloggers, are you ready?! I thought so. I’m ready too!

We are so pleased to announce that The Plantation will be hosting our blogger convention this year. If you recall, our 2016 #ECMeetUp was hosted by The Boma, sister-venue to The Plantation, and everyone agreed that it was spectacular! (And I’m not just talking about the food). The Plantation is all that and more – an award winning, magical forest venue, well known for its tranquil setting and amazing food. (Yes, I had to mention the food again). The Boma and The Plantation owners, Sarah and Ralph Dirsuwei, always go the extra mile to ensure that their guests are treated like royalty!

This year we will be joined by two talented guest speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise on various topics such as branding, content, campaign strategy, pr relationship building, photography and more! But hey, enough chit chat. Let me introduce you guys to one of them!


Meet #ECMeetUp guest speaker:
Mandy-Lee Miller – Writer, editor and brand consultant

Accomplished media and PR entrepreneur, the beautiful Mandy-Lee Miller, will be travelling all the way from Cape Town to spend some time with us at our 2017 #ECMeetUp. (Special shout out to Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism!) Mandy is considered an industry expert and has a background in public relations and marketing. In her capacity as a PR Accounts Manager (for many years), she has worked with top notch brands such as Vox Telecom, Connection Telecom, Heaven’s Nest, MWEB, and Harley Davidson,

She later went on to ditch her 9 to 5, growing her own websites – Pregnant in Cape Town&Ever After and Tums2Tots Online – to a reach of over 40 000! She also co-owns a “women only” Facebook group called South African Sisterhood, which supports more than 12 000 members online. Her most recent project, a national car seat awareness initiative called #carseatfullstop has made headlines and you’ve possibly spotted features about it on parenting hub Parent24 and on the popular Brand South Africa,

Her role as the owner and editor of Tums2Tots has seen her managing a team of 16 independent columnists, across various niche’s and spheres of influences. She is also the editor of the practical guide to starting and managing your own business in South Africa, titled Of Course You Can, authored by Brian Adams. It’s evident that this wonder woman is more than “just another mommy blogger”.

Mandy shares: “I have personal relationships with and a huge respect for and understanding of individual writers, their strengths and their platforms. With my history and understanding of PR and Marketing, I am loving involving the blogging community in projects and campaigns in new and exciting ways.”

Exciting indeed, having worked with a vast amount of brands and businesses, in her blogging capacity, such as Gumtree, 1LifeInsurance, Hasbro, Toy Kingdom, Gold Reef City, Glad, Showmax, Ackermans, Dove, Mattel, Huggies, Phillips Avent, Hamleys (and the beat goes on…) Mandy has the experience and know-how to work in basically every element of campaign management and is considered a successful influencer and campaign strategist.

From brand consulting to content creation, review and editing, to campaign strategy and management, to providing opportunities to build relationships and visibility with audiences through a number of channels, she is a wealth of knowledge and we can’t wait to tap into that!

Bloggers based in the Eastern Cape are invited to attend our third official #ECMeetUp on May 13th 2017. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, March 13th, at a cost of R150 and include a delish The Boma meal. Keep your eyes peeled to Facebook on Monday for a link to the ticket purchase platform. Also stay tuned to JustEllaBella, where Elle will introduce you to our second guest speaker.

Update: Tickets are officially on sale! Get yours here:


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