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6 practical gift ideas for your pregnant friend

Is it just me, or is pregnancy contagious?! It seems that I’m always surrounded by preggy women, when I am pregnant. I love it! It’s as if you have your own little tribe who can share in your experiences. They know exactly what you’re going through! (I mean, who else will “get it” when you complain about the fact that your underwear doesn’t fit anymore?!) And so, with the influx of expectant moms, I’ve found that I need to think out of the box when it comes to gift ideas, when birthday season hits. But I’m prepared (and no, my preparedness does not involve me putting a shiny bow onto a pack of nappies). Check out these awesome gift ideas for your pregnant friend:

Oh So Heavenly MumsPamper sessions
My girlfriends and I love pampers. We actually joke about it sometimes, because it’s our go to spoil when we want to make one of our own feel special. Most spa’s offer unique “mummies with tummies” packages, for expectant moms. They include things like back rubs, foot soaks, ‘facials’ for your tummy and head massages. (Doesn’t reading that make you want to go for a pamper session too?!) Brands, such as Oh So Heavenly, also stock really sweet maternity care packages that would make for excellent gifts. I’ve tried it out and it’s delicious!

Journey JournalPreggy journal
When I was pregnant with my Curly, I enjoyed documenting every inch of my pregnancy. I filled the pages of my ‘Journey Journal‘ with photos, stories and heart moments that I will later share with her. If your friend is the sentimental type, a beautiful preggy journal might be the type of gift that she would appreciate.

Love My BodyFancy maternity wear
Looking to spoil your preggy friend? How about a pretty maternity top or dress, as a gift. I’ve been so blessed to be able to try out various maternity ranges. Some of it can be really costly though, but I love that most ranges (check out the Love My Body range here) are flexible and they can be worn AFTER baby is born too. If you have a close relationship, you could also consider splurging on expensive maternity underwear, for your bud. When you’re pregnant EVERYTHING expands. Bra straps become tighter and undies tend to be a bit more uncomfortable to wear. Maternity undies are comfortable and breathable, and most of it can be used post-baby too (like breastfeed friendly bra’s).

Body pillows
The one thing that most pregnant women crave is a good night’s sleep. I’ve managed to get mine in, with cleverly placed pillows, cushioning my bump and all my other body parts. (Yep, no cuddle-cuddle for Hubstopher at the moment, shame.) If you’re looking to splurge on your friend, you could consider getting her a body pillow. These are designed to give your preggy friend’s body all the support it needs, in order to get a good nights sleep.

Mani and pedi
I don’t know when last I saw my feet. Okay, that’s a tad bit dramatic. I’m looking at them right now. But I can imagine that there are moms who haven’t had the time or energy to do their toe nails. Perhaps a voucher to get their nails done would be the perfect gift for your pregnant friend, who is in her third trimester and unable to reach her tootsies.

6 practical gift ideas for your pregnant friendPhoto shoot
Taking preggy photos is one of my favorite preggy things to do! (It’s only been three times ya’ll. I’m making it sound like a hobby.) If it’s not something that she would normally spend money on, I’m sure your friend will appreciate a voucher for a maternity photo shoot OR a newborn shoot! Some photographers even have combo deals, that include maternity and baby shoots.

Pajamas, gowns and slippers
This is probably one of my favorites, simply because you can never have too many pjs or slippers. When purchasing those pj’s for your preggy friend, take into account the fact that button ups are probably more practical (for breastfeeding). Two piece sets are more useful and more modest, for her hospital stay. Oh and practical does not have to replace “pretty”. There are really stunning pajama and gown sets that will have your preggy friend swooning.

What are your favorite go-to gifts, when shopping for a pregnant friend? 


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