Review: Goodsky vacuums your blackheads!

GoodskyIf you’re a blackhead fiend, then you’ll be interested to know that the Goodsky Blackhead Blemish and Acne Pore Vacuum Extraction Tool is now available in South Africa. You never have to pop a pimple again! Well, you shouldn’t be popping your pimples anyways, yo. It is damaging to your skin and can leave permanent scarring and blemishes.

goodskyA pimple is an inflamed pore, filled with bacteria, dead skin and pus. Yum! It just makes sense that you would want to remove it from your body, right? But squeezing the pimple might mean that you’re pushing the dirt deeper into the follicle. What to do, what to do.

According to the article they sent me, the Goodsky pore vacuum helps you to keep your pores clean, by sucking out dirt and bacteria, with no damage to the follicle. The pore cleaner is made of high quality eco-friendly ABS material, is small and easy to carry and, I like that you can pop into your handbag, if you must. It treats coarse pores, rough skin, exfoliates dead skin, blackheads and acne, with a potent suction that improves your skin condition.

goodskyIt has replaceable suction caps and various levels of section strength, which makes sucking out those yucky blackheads  easy-peasy. The suction caps come four sizes:

– Large circular cap for deep facial pore cleansing.
– Small circular cap feather clean pores, and suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.
– Microcrystalline head for cutin and dead skin removal.
– Oval cap for firming and lifting fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

goodskyThe vacuum has a rechargeable lithium battery and a usb cable that allows for easy and convenient charging. If you suffer from back acne, this would be a pretty nifty tool to have, for those hard to reach areas. And you guys, the oval head reduces fine lines… how cool is that? If you’d like more information, or to make a purchase, check Deal Magic.

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Deal Magic and all the content is based on information that was made available to me. 


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