Switching off to switch on
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Switching off to switch on

So being ill the past few weeks has really put a damper on my otherwise banging itinerary. I mean, hello, my blog is called “spreadsheet brain”… I have ish to do! Being constricted to the confines of my bed totally killed my vibe, if you know what I mean. But it helped me to put some things into perspective. A spreadsheet brain selah moment, if you will. I call it “switching off to switch on”. I know. I’m so wise and stuff.

For starters, my kids are growing up you guys. Have you ever taken a long look at your child and thought to yourself “oh wow, you look different today.” Well, that happened to me every single time I opened my eyes last week. I mean, yeah, I slept the days away as if I was in a time vacuum, devoid of all human emotion and thought process. But hey, it made for some interesting conversation when I eventually woke up. Like “so you say today is actually Tuesday?! Wait, what month is it?” And also, “What?! You’re almost 4?! When did that happen?!” It kinda kicked me in the head and made me want to hug their faces for a few minutes longer each day. And I mean, sure, I’m talking about the cute smallies but I’m more referring to the growing teenager who will be finishing high school next year, too.

The shock to my system at realizing that my kids are growing up, also made me realize that I am getting older, yo. And with it comes the added benefit of like, seriously taking care of my health. What do you guys do to, you know, “take care of your health”? I’m sure it involves eating your veggies and actually doing some sort of physical activity and all of that. But do you also stock up on multi-vitamins? And what sort do you use? Yes, I’m using this blog post to get information from you guys. Love me for me.

completely unnecessary wifey dramaI also realized that I haven’t spent time with my husband in a very long time. I mean, sure, he’s been particularly annoying lately but what does he smell like, now again? I remember a time where I use to lean into him, while we were sitting in church, just so that I could catch a whiff of his glorious “Chris smell”. (Stalker alert) So last week, while I was laying in bed, looking particularly attractive, I’m sure, I caught a glimpse of him getting ready for work and it hit me… I can’t remember what he smells like! I haven’t smelled him in such a long time. Also mainly because my nose is so blocked, they should investigate the components of my mucus, and use it to build unsinkable boats. I could be a millionaire you guys. Anyways, I digress. I’ve been thinking of scheduling a monthly date night. Oh don’t look at me like that Patricia – yes, we don’t have regular date nights. Its not even because we have a lot of children… its more because two of them are under the age of four and we literally have like, one babysitter. But my near death experience (okay, fine, call me dramatic if you must) reminded me that I need to put in some regular quality time with my Hubstopher. What do you guys do for date night?

I also had a revelation that I need to spend more time with my parents and siblings. I’m sure they’re not sitting around, with baited breath, waiting for me to come and lay on their couches and drink their tea. But I do miss the folks and almost dying last week (cough) made me realize that I need to value the time I have with them. I’m very much a loner, in the sense that my whole day revolves around the moments that I get to be at home in my pajamas. I get it, I may come across as an extrovert, but I’m as introvert as they make ’em! But hey, you only have so many hours in a day and so many days in a lifetime and I guess spending majority of it alone at home, or busy with work, kinda doesn’t make sense if you’re not making time for the people who matter.

So those were my moments of revelation these past few days. You know that thing that people do, when they are mimicking a mind blown… like “Kapoooof”… well, picture me doing that right now. Kapoooof.

Anyways, what’s new with you, friends? Come, lend me your news. (That sounded weird, I actually don’t know why I typed that. You’re free to ignore it and move on with your day.)

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