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Our boetie (2) and our sussie (4) enjoys bathing together. Bath time is the best time for them. Also, it gives me 10 whole minutes of staring into space, while they play (I take my breaks wherever I can get ’em!) Recently, someone asked me when I would separate their bath times… because surely boys and girls can’t bath together once they’ve reached a certain age. Yes, Patricia, this makes sense, but am I meant to be thinking about these things so soon?!

The convo had me totally frantic, reading article after article, caught up in a Google wormhole that left my brain frazzled and my heart beating a little bit faster. I mean, I don’t want to give my kids issues by overexposing their private parts to each other.

I eventually had to calm myself down (will share a whole other blog post with more detail about the topic eventually). I came to the realisaton that hey, my kids are still young and right now I’m not damaging them by allowing them to share a bath together. I mean, they are FOUR AND TWO and honestly, right now their main concern with the difference in their gender is who gets the pink one and who gets the blue one. We allow them to choose what they like and don’t like on their own, but Kari is the princess and Jo is a boy’s boy and there is no way I can change that!

The only time gender comes up during bath time, is when I bath them with the wrong bath wash. The kids received a beautiful press drop from Child’s Farm and Kari insists that she HAS to have the blackberry & organic apple hair and body wash (bedecked with prancing princesses and a pony) and Jo HAS to have the sweet orange hair and body wash (which features a little boy, farm animals and cool tractor).

They are also obsessed with the amount of bubbles the Child’s Farm bubble bath makes and I am most impressed with the Child’s Farm sun and swim products. The 3-in-1 swim product is perfect to use post swim, and I love that it washes away chlorine, leaving skin clean and hair shiny.

So yes, most nights you’ll find me using a special wash for each child, coupled with heavenly scented bubble bath and Child’s Farm shampoo. Can you imagine our bathroom during bath time? You’ll walk in to a medley of scents, from apple, to tangerine, to sweet orange and even raspberry and mango! The scents are simply spectacular and I love that the ingredients in each product are really high quality too.

The Child’s Farm products have been designed to help protect, nourish and clean sensitive skin. Crafted with delicate skin in mind, these products can even be used on your newborn baby’s skin!

All the Child’s Farm washing and bathing products use naturally derived products and essential oils, and every detail is carefully planned to ensure that each product is suitable for all types of skin – yep, even skin prone to eczema!

Childs Farm products are currently available in Baby City, Clicks stores and via Prices range from R99 to R119.99, with a range of over 15 different products to choose from.

For more information on Childs Farm products visit or the local Facebook page:

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