My favorite baby brands

My favorite baby brands (and they didn’t even pay me to say so)

So being a blogger and a mama, all at the same time, means that I often get to test and try out new products and services in a bid to, you know, let you guys know if the product/service is worth your while. When it comes to raising tiny human beings, I love checking out new things that can help to make my parenting journey easier/better. (Call me the Debora Patta of the baby world.)

BUT this is my fourth baby and I kinda know which products work (for me) by now. Also, I’m tired, you guys and I have the added pleasure of raising a 4 year old and a 2 year old as well. Time is not a luxury right now.

So I made the decision to not try anything new with our next baby, unless I’m not 100% convinced that the product I currently use is doing the job that I need it to do. (Or if I didn’t even know that you get a product that can do that! Like, if someone designed a machine that made me coffee and fed my child all at the same time, I’m totally not going to say no to that.)

So yes, when it comes to baby products, I have a bunch of favorites. They are pretty stock standard, and by that I mean that they are tried and trusted household faves! (I mean, I’m not going to win a Millennial Mom of the Year award for this.) But I’m here to be totally transparent, and in all honesty, these are the things you’ll find my Hubstopher searching the aisles for, when I send him on a frantic shopping expedition at 19:50 on a Sunday night.

These are the brands and products that I spend money on… the stuff that I reach for, no questions asked, without me needing to do Debora Patta styled research on them first. Can I share them with you? It’s a rhetorical question, Susan, I’m totally going to share my list with you. Here it is:

My favorite baby brands (and they didn’t even pay me to say so)

Bath time
When it comes to bath time, I have a whole series on this here blog, and I often try out new products on my other kids. But when it comes to my newborn I’m a little more fussy and I prefer to stick to what I know and love and that, without a doubt, has to be Johnson’s Baby! The Johnson’s Baby Newborn Top-To-Toe range was my go-to product when Jo was born. It made his (and my) skin so soft and I was inlove with the gorgeous scent. So I’m very keen on the new Johnson’s Baby Newborn Cotton Touch range. I mean, get this, the wash and lotion are made with real cotton, purposeful ingredients, and no parabens, phthalates or sulfates. And again, the scent: heavenly!

Disposable diapers
I’ve tried out a bunch of different disposable diapers over the past few years. Mind you, as my kids have grown, I’ve often opted for the cheaper options! (But that’s another blog post for another day). But when it comes to my newborn’s bum-bums, Huggies is my diaper of choice. You guys, I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong but the other big name in disposable diapers leaked a lot, when I tried it out on Kari and Jo. When we eventually transitioned to Huggies, we had a lot less leakages and we felt it to be a better fit. We also prefer the Huggies pull ups, compared to, well all the other pull ups. It’s a brand that just works for us. Oh and guys, the Huggies Gold New Baby diaper is designed to accommodate the umbilical chord and (get this) also has a special runny poo pocket at the back of the nappy, to help prevent little accidents.

Wet wipes
So you know the saying “wet wipes make the world go ’round”? Well, you probably don’t because I made it up, but that’s not my point. My point is that wet wipes make the world go ’round… AND a lot less stickier. If you take a stroll down the baby aisle in your local shopping center you’ll probably find a ton of wet wipes brands all promising to do the same thing. But, for price (because we go through the stuff like coffee at the office) and value, I’ve always preferred Cherubs. The value packs are really so cheap and I love that the newborn range has a clip-lid, is pH balanced and is alcohol and paraben free. Unlike other more cost-effective wet wipes, this wipe is still considerably thick and is soft enough to remove the make up from your face on a lazy night.

Bum creams
If you’re a mom and you don’t know about the wonder that is Sudocream, then come a little closer my sister, let me fill you in! This antiseptic healing cream soothes sore skin, treats nappy rash, eczema and acne. In fact, when Kari suffered from that terrible teething dribble that caused a rash on her chin and lower cheeks, good ol’ Sudocream (spread lightly) cleared it up after one application! When my baby’s bums are red, one application of Sudocream is enough to speed up healing. I keep a small tub of the stuff in my hand bag… it’s just that good! And don’t let the price scare you my friend. The beauty of it is that you’re not lathering it on… a thin layer of the cream is enough to immediately promote healing. I know!

Breast pumps
So we all know that Medela is like GOLD when you’re on that breastfeeding journey. Well, I’m just here to reiterate that yes, my Medela harmony manual and mini electric pumps are the only things that kept me sane when I had to pump in a locked bathroom stall the size of Harry Potter’s room under the stairs. Investing in a solid breast pump is a definite must if you plan to take this breastfeeding journey seriously. (BTW, did you know that you can actually hire one from Breastpumps and Beyond?) I doubt I would ever change my mind about the rewards of owning a Medela pump!

Nipple ointment
So, with the beautiful, wonderful miracle of breastfeeding, comes the toe-curling pain of cracked nipples. I mean, your nipps go through something similar to a World War, during those first few latches. My nipple ointment of choice has always been Lansinoh. I’ve often applied one pea sized dollop of Lansinoh to eina nipps and (I kid you not) felt immediate relief! That’s how good this stuff is. Also, I totally use it as a lip cream, for sore winter lips, as well. By the way the cream is 100% natural, with no additives, preservatives or parabens.

Baby feeding
As I’ve said over and over and over again (you know, like a 7de Laan Omnibus on a Sunday arvie) I’ve only ever used the Tommee Tippee brand on my kids. That’s because I choose to combine feed them (boob and bottle) and I’ve found that the Closer to Nature bottles are the best for this. The original extra wide teat is very “breast like”, which makes it easy for baby to latch on, as if he were breastfeeding. Tommee Tippee also has an excellent range of soothers, toddler safe cups and even tableware. It’s pretty much a one stop shop and I’m very much devoted to the brand and it’s products.

So that’s my list of faves, and some of the stuff I’ll be stocking up on, while preparing for baby Williams to arrive. Do you have a list of faves? Share them in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: I’ve received press drops from a few if these AND other baby brands, in the past. But the ones mentioned in this article are the baby brands that I prefer when caring for my newborn. This post is not sponsored.

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