What my kids are playing with: Enchantimals

I always feel like I’m winning at life when I find a toy that keeps my precocious 3 year old busy for long periods of time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the little bugger, but she constantly needs to be entertained! And I don’t always wake up feeling like Beyonce, if you know what I mean. So when I received a special Enchantimals blog drop from Mattel the other day, I gave myself a metaphorical high5!

Well, for starters the cute Enchantimal characters are really pretty and their unique features and outfits are simply fabulous, dahhling which means Kari will be instantly hooked. But (and this is the winning part) they also each come with an animal bestie! That’s right, each of these rather whimsical half-animal, half-girl characters has a quirky animal best friend. I love this so much!

The Enchantimals story lines encourage friendship, compassion and harmony, and its “Caring is our everything”¬†slogan sums it up rather nicely. Each doll shares a ritual with her animal friend that celebrates their unique traits and personalities. Together they work to create balance, peace and harmony among all living things.

Some of the Enchantimals characters include:
Felicity Fox and Flick
– Felicity is a nifty, curious little character, who loves exploring with Flick
Danessa Deer and Sprint – These two love racing through the forest to see who is fastest
Sage Skunk and Caper – A great problem solver, Sage loves music and she and Caper are always working on new songs together or planning a clever prank
Bree Bunny and Twist – This DIY duo has a penchant for creating things and are like twin fountains of bubbling creativity
Patter Peacock and Flap – Patter is a fashionista extraordinaire, and she and Flap enjoys singing together

The Enchantimals are available at selected retailers nationwide. Product princes range from R129.99 to R719.99. The play sets are super cute and your little one will enjoy collecting the various dolls and their matching accessories. You can following along on the Enchantimals journey on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


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