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Be the light – got the tshirt? {Giveaway}

Be the light… please? Yep, that’s kinda the mantra around these here parts. I mean, I liked it so much, I put it on a tshirt. How’s that for dedication? But okay, I know what you’re thinking… “What on earth does it even mean, girl?” Well, I’m here to answer questions and give things away… two things I do often as a mother.

When I started this blog in 2011 it was more of an online diary of sorts because I felt as if I had a lot to say and nowhere to put all of it. A couple of years later, Ella convinced me to “go live” and share my stories with the world. She’s quite good at selling things to ya (It’s the main reason why I keep her around) so I couldn’t say no. But, when I started legit blogging, I suddenly felt like… what the heck do I say?!

I mean, sure there are tons of products to review and tips to share. But, come on guys, there are only so many smiley-kid-faced, soppy-family stories that I can share with you before you want to gourge your eyes out. And so I decided to get real – down and dirty – with you guys. BUT, I wanted to leave a trail of hope… the faith that God’s plan for every situation is for our GOOD and not to harm us.

A scripture then came to mind. It’s actually one of my faves. You can find it in Matthew 5:16 and it says: “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” In a nutshell, this means: When we shine our light (by showing compassion, kindness, love, hope) we reveal God to others.

And suddenly it all made sense… BE THE LIGHT! So, more than being a source of entertainment and information, I wanted my stories to help you shine your light a little bit brighter. Because, the truth is that life often throws us curve balls (and I don’t do sports, so thanks life) but YOU control your response to it. I don’t know how it all ends but I do know that we’ve been given the promise that every single aspect of our lives are in the hands of a power that is greater than us, and He kinda knows what He’s doing. So it’s our job to live as if we trust in Him. It’s our job to shine our light, so that those who are living in darkness and despair can learn about His love and kindness, through our lives.

Anyways, so when That Girls Store asked me if I’d like to have limited edition tshirts made for my blog readers, I had to say yes! I mean, I have a message… WE have a mission statement! And I would love to see it on a tshirt – loud and proud – “been there, doing that, got the tshirt!”

Looking to buy your very own “Be The Light” tshirt? Well, here are some more deets:
Who is That Girls Store? It’s a local company that creates and designs custom pieces.
What’s My Spreadsheet Brain’s involvement in all of this? I literally just sent through my design. That Girls Store creates the tshirts and ships them off to you.
How many will be available? It’s super duper limited edition, so only 20 are available for purchase.
What’s the fit like? Think: Woolies comfort fit. My JustEllaBella tshirt (see left) is a Large. The oversized tshirt is all the rage I’ve been told. By my teen. Because I’m old. If you’re not sure you can email the store directly at and they’ll guide you. (4xl can be accommodated)
Whats the cost? Only R200.
How does shipping work? Postage costs are R65 to all major cities in South Africa.
Where can I buy one?
When can I buy? The tshirt should be available on the online store as of today until stock runs out!
How long does delivery take? 5 to 7 working days.

You guys, I appreciate every single one of you so much. For reals, yo. And I know that forking out 200 bucks on this tshirt will probably be done out of love and sincerity… because you love me back (I see you, friend) or because you love the idea behind the slogan. To honor that, I am going to give one of the 20 tshirt buyers a very special My Spreadsheet Brain hamper filled with a few cool things just to say thank you! Yep, this means if you buy the tshirt you have a one in twenty chance of winning! Woohoo!

The hamper includes:
A beautiful gilt-edged Helen Steiner Rice One Minute Devotions titled ‘From The Heart’ (makes for a great gift, wink wink)
A My Spreadsheet Brain custom mug – yep, I made it myself, with my bare hands… so to speak
A KNC Beauty collagen infused lip mask… because pouty lips are life
A Laqa & Co Cloud Lips lipstick in a poppin’ color!

To enter, all you have to do is: Buy a tshirt! That’s it. Once you’ve made your purchase drop me a message to let me know that you’ve done so! Hope to see selfies of all you gorgeous mama’s wearing your “Be the light” tshirts soon! Winner of the giveaway will be announced on May 31st.


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