Being offended doesnt make you right
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Being offended doesnt make you right

I’ve developed ninja-skills when it comes to holding a grudge. I mean, come on lady friends, we’re pretty good at keeping an offence, right? And the thing is this, it’s easy to be offended or angry at another persons actions. I think that the hard part is showing kindness and tolerance even when you feel the other person does not deserve it. And offence is a big pile of stinky poop anyways. There is nothing good about it. I mean, life is so short and precious and filled with way more important things than to mull around about the actions of OTHER people and how wrong I think they are! Being offended doesn’t make you right, darling. It makes you irrational.

Human beings are extremely good at this! I know of sisters who have not spoken to each other for years, all because of a little offence. “Being offended” has broken up families and relationships – much more wreckage that it is actually worth! I, myself, have been in countless situations where I sat with huge hurts on my heart and instead of sorting it out properly, I walked around with a major chip on my shoulder. Holding on to resentment is a burden… there is no freedom in it.

The funny thing (it’s funny because it’s not really funny) is that offence is TAKEN and not given – so you have the power to choose whether you want to live in this anger/hurt/hatred or not. And, you know what Margaret, ultimately you are not in control of the other persons actions. Your anger or offence will not lessen the value of their opinions or even their lives. Like, you will find no joy in it.

I think that being the self proclaimed queen of efficiency has made me look at an offence with the question: But what’s the point?! It’s not adding to my day. It’s not adding value to my life. It’s slowing me down. It’s throwing a spanner into my system. It’s stunting my growth and affecting how I make my decisions. No thank you please.

Yes, I agree, there are times when someone has wronged you and it is what it is. But YOU have the decision to forgive. Make the decision to move on and to grow. Every opportunity to forgive is a life lesson learnt, yo.

And so, my friends, even though being offended has become the new social norm (yeah, you know what I mean, we are so opinionated now a days!) I dare you to stand out. Choose freedom and forgiveness over the burden of resentment and offence. I mean, unless you enjoy feeling like a big pile of stinky poop. Which is slightly weird. Life without the poop is way better, trust me.

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