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Most quirky and popular baby names 2019

So I’m giving birth, like, tomorrow(ish), and we still haven’t decided on a name for baby. I mean, okay, we don’t even know what baby’s gender is, but even if we did, choosing a name has become the internal struggle within my marriage. We each have our favorites and both of us are not willing to budge. I mean, it’s pretty fun being stubborn right now.

While Googling name options the other day, I remembered a blog post that I had written in 2017, when I was preggers with Jo. In the post, I listed the hottest and weirdest baby name ideas of that season and kinda explained how we ended up naming our Jonah.

So, to motivate me us, I thought to put together a similar list, hoping that one of the names will kindle a flame in both of our hearts, that will burn eternal. (I mean, I sound like an 80’s pop track, so surely you can smell my desperation right now.)

Check out 2018/9’s most quirky and popular baby names:

Keeping it Kardashian

Apparently pop-fanatics are thankful to Mama Kris for starting the K-name trend. Fans of the hit reality show are opting for names that begin with the letter K, when choosing a name for their newborns. I mean, I could totally see myself doing this if both Hubstopher and I’s names had the same first letter. It’s a cool family tradition/trend, me thinks. But I’m not planning to keep it Kardashian, if you know what I mean.

Zoning in on the Zen

Because of the growing trend of, you know, being “super spiritual” and “enlightened” and stuff, people are now choosing names related to Eastern spirituality, ancient mythology and even natural world practices. Names like Peace, Rainbow and Sky are top on the list. The more deeply spiritual have opted for names such as Zen, Jupiter and Freya. Hmm… Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya.

Animal names 

So the animal name trend is fairly new, and definitely unusual, but it’s a thing, you guys. I mean, how wild (pun intended) would it be to name your kid Bear, Birdie, Wren, Hawk, Drake, Fox or Otter. I can so picture me doing this and then telling people that kids are “a bunch of animals!” *ba dum dish!* You could be ‘Mama Bear’ literally.

N is for Neutral

With the rise of the non-binary trend, we find that millennial’s are opting for a more gender-neutral, un-stereotypical name, when naming their kids. Pretty much anything can be a name now a days… Story, Royal and Justice are top of the list! I personally love the names Gray or Riley. Other (more normal sounding) non-binary names include Finley, Parker and Bailey.

Netflix and chill?

For the most part we’ve all been hooked on some or other series or sitcom. Well, some people take their binge-watching commitment to the next level, by naming their kids after their favorite series character. I kid you not, Khaleesi! Grey’s Anatomy fans love the names Arizona, Amelia, Bailey and Zola. Game of Throne’s fans are naming their kids Tyrion, Daenerys and Arya. Other faves includes Luke (Modern Family), Axl (The Middle), Cyrus (Scandal) and Penny (The Big Bang Theory).

Gaming and naming 

Video game names have opened up a whole new dimension of name ideas. Fortnite fans are naming their kids Garrison, Fable, Maverick, Rogue and even Bunny! Another fave is Xayah (League of Legends) and Noctis (Final Fantasy). I mean, how cool would it be to walk into Comic Con and introduce yourself as Kratos (God of War) or Corvo (Dishonoured).

Three letter names

Give your kid a head start by keeping his name down to three letters! Yup, the minimalist three-letter name is fast on the rise, with parents opting for ‘short and sweet’ first names such as Ida, Kit, Liv and Hal. I mean, it would totally be awesome (and easy) to teach a “Rex” how to spell his name, right? How’s that for efficiency!

So there you have it folks, some of the quirky and cool baby name trends for 2019. Which are your favorites? To be honest, none of these have struck a chord with me. And friends, at this point, we’re probably going to end up calling our child “Baby” for the rest of his/her life! (Which is actually very retro-meets-Dirty-Dancing.)

So will you help a sister out? Please share some baby name suggestions in the comments section below.

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