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Tech Deck makes finger boarding gnarly, dude! {Giveaway!}

I’m a “books – give them books!” kinda mom… which doesn’t always make me the most exciting gift-giver. I get it. Even though my intentions are good (I promise), kids want to play. Which is why I’m always on the look out for funky gifts, especially for my older boys, who are a tad bit more difficult to shop for. I mean, shopping for a pre-teen or a teenager is a lot more complicated than you think (no, Luchae, you can’t just buy them airtime). So I was really excited when I learnt about Tech Deck the other day.

I mean, I don’t know if you know but finger boarding is a thing (says our 13 year old). Yep – skateboarding with your fingers is a thing (it’s okay, friend, I too am feeling extremely old and outdated right about now). Tech Deck brings you the raddest, most hippest finger board designs with graphics from the biggest skate companies in the world such as Blind, Baker, Primitive, Finesse, Santa Cruz, Plan B, Sk8mafia and Toy Machine.

So the cool thing about Tech Deck is that the range is pretty awsome… there are a ton of accesories to collect! From Build-A-Parks, 96mm finger board multipacks and 96mm single boards, it’s pretty easy to pick out your kids birthday and Christmas gifts. The Build-A-Park set includes all the goodies you’ll need to build a custom park, including a trash bin, kicker ramp and grind bench. It even has a concrete looking finish, you guys. What an amazing way to encourage creativity and the use of imagination (guess they don’t always need books after all).

My boys enjoyed playing around with the Tech Deck finger boards, testing out their skills on their custom park. You can check out the online tutorial videos on the Tech Deck website to learn how to recreate your favorite tricks and expand your finger boarding skill.

Check out more about the range over on the Just Fun website.

Win a Tech Deck hamper valued at R1000!

Want to score a funky Tech Deck hamper for your kid? Sure you do! Stand a chance to win a Tech Deck Starter Kit, Build a Park Ramp, Tech Deck 4 Pack Multipack and Tech Deck single finger board compliments of Just Fun Toys and My Spreadsheet Brain. Enter via Instagram following the prompts on the specially marked post.

Please note, giveaway ends on 31 October and the winner will be announced on 1 November. Prize will be couriered to you by Just Fun Toys. Giveaway only open to SA residents.


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