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It’s 2am. I should be sleeping but I’m wide awake, my eyes fixed on my baby, who is sound asleep in his cot. I don’t want to a miss a thing! I mean, what if he stops breathing in the middle of the night?! What if the blanket isn’t as secure as I thought it was, and he ends up with a blankey over his face? What if he overheats? Is he warm enough? What if, what if, what if?!

Yep – I’ve been that psycho mom probably all four times, with each of my kids. I would check on them literally every half hour, and (here’s the “psycho mom” part) if they are sound asleep I would rouse them a bit just to make sure that they are still alive and breathing.

Have you been a psycho mom? Join me, friend! I have snacks. We can sit in a semi circle and sing kumbaya while staring at our sleeping babies, simultaneously.

Seriously though I am such a fiend when it comes to sleep safety. Not to be a bummer, but sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) aka cot death usually occurs during sleep, you guys. Although the exact cause of SIDS is unknown, factors that could come into play include baby overheating and accidental suffocation.

I was so excited when one of my fave brands, Tommee Tippee, introduced me to their sleep time products. From sleep bags to comforting toys and night lights, they’ve thought of it all you guys. I want to cry tears of joy! I probably did cry tears of joy. But let’s pretend that I am not still raging with post-birth hormones, shall we?


The Grobag baby sleeping bag provides safer sleep and is a better alternative to loose sheets and bedding, in the crib. This product is recommended by The Lullaby Trust – the UK’s leading charity for safe sleep. Here’s why I love it: it keeps Ash warm, without overheating him (choose a grobag weight that will suite the temperature in your room for better sleep). According to a study done in the UK, 71% of babies slept for more than 6 hours at a time, when using the Grobag. It’s made of 100% cotton, is machine washable and the YKK zipper has a chin guard that prevents schaffing on baby’s skin.

These bags come in various weights, keeping baby at a safe sleep temperature. How flippen genius?! They include a nursery thermometer and what to wear guide.


Okay, to be honest, when I first learnt of the Groegg2, I was like, “uhhh why would I need a fancy night light?!” And then I learnt that this “fancy night light” is actually a room thermometer and I was floored! You guys, the Groegg2 changes color, letting you know immediately when the temperature in the room has changed. Why is this helpful? Well, remember that you need your baby to be at a safe sleep temperature to, well, ensure safe sleep.

I mean, I too thought that piles of blankets and heat is just what a baby needs to thrive. But nope, studies have shown that high temperatures increase the risk of SIDS.

AND the amazing thing is that you can use your Groegg2 in conjunction with your Grobag, ensuring that baby is in the correct bag for the temperature of the room. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Somebody call Oprah! Also, I’m here for the color changing… hello lava lamp vibes!

Groegg Shell

You can personalise your Groegg2 and give it a bit of personality with this totally adorbs Groegg Shell. Choose between the Oona the Owl, Mikey the Monkey and Percy the Penguin egg shell companions. The shell simply fits on top of the Groegg2 and it gives your room thermometer/night light that little something extra, to make it even more of a cute feature in baby’s room.


Also, while on that topic of “fancy night light”… you’d think that you won’t need a night light for your baby. And then you spend a whole night bumping into things, in a dark room, because your baby won’t fall asleep with the light on. (Based on a true story)

The Grolight is genius because it is attached to your light fitting. So yes, this means you can toggle between your normal overhead light or night-light, in one switch! I think it’s amazing because the night light glow then fills my entire room (and not just one little corner, ala traditional night lights). Also, I get to keep a (psycho mom) eye on my little one, without disturbing him with a bright overhead light. Win-win, really.


I was also impressed with the Tommee Tippee Grofriends… plush buddies that help your baby to sleep better by playing music and white noise when they wake up.

I mean, it’s practically a ninja, because your Grofriend can detect and activate when baby cries, soothing them back to sleep. The Grofriend sounds include a heartbeat, rainfall, white noise static and beautiful Brahms lullaby. What’s more, your Grofriend also lights up, acting as a gentle night light! The volume and light are both adjustable.

You can choose between the Ollie the Owl and Percy the Penguin characters (both equally adorable, in my opinion) and you can attach your new buddy to a car seat, crib or stroller thanks to the velcro fastening.

I must admit, I wish we had all these nifty gadgets and contraptions “back in the day” when Kyle was born. These are so helpful and help you to ensure that your child gets a SAFE, good night’s sleep. Also, I get to keep my “psycho mom” tendencies at a minimum. Kinda.

Which of these Tommee Tippee Gro products are you keen to try out?

Disclaimer: This post was done in partnership with Tommee Tippee, but the opinions shared are my own.

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