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5 types of leather jackets that are a must for Winter

To wear a leather jacket or not wear a leather jacket? That is the question. And yes, you probably guessed it, the answer almost always is: wear the leather jacket!

Now, if you’re a bit of a “fuddy-duddy” like me (you know, gym tights and slippers are pretty much our uniforms at this point), I have some news for you – you too can wear a leather jacket this Winter and not look as if you’re trying too hard.

A really great leather jacket is an essential item in any wardrobe. There are a variety of styles available and you could probably find one at a great price too! This classic piece is the perfect way to dress up or dress down an outfit.

I thought to show you some of the inspo pics that are moving me towards buying ALL the leather jackets this Winter. Here you go:

5 types of leather jackets that are a must for Wintertypes of leather jacketsThe tapered fit

A really great leather jacket, that has a more classic, tailored fit, can be worn with a pair of jeans and a shirt for a more formal look, or over a dress for a rock star vibe. If you’re looking for a classic piece, perhaps steer away from too many zips and clips. A more tapered (think: blazer) fit is versatile and can be worn in every season. Find one here.

types of leather jacketsThe oversized motorcycle jacket

I mean, what is a leather jacket if not oversized, almost vintagey, with that well-worn feel that adds a bit of character to the piece. The oversized motorcycle-style jacket can be paired with denim and chunky boots, or pair it with your cute girly skirt and sneakers. Find one here.Types of leather jacketsThe leather bomber jacket

If you’re down for the baggy, oversized vibe but you’d prefer more structure, a leather bomber jacket may be your thing. This casual, slightly sporty, the piece is edgy yet classic at the same time, and it goes really well with leggings and sneakers or a cute skirt. Find one here.Types of leather jacketsThe fur-collared leather jacket

Staying warm this winter is an absolute must (because I have old bones now, so I need to keep toasty 😉 If you’re like me, and you prefer being warm versus being stylish you may want to get yourself a really beautiful leather jacket with a fur collar. This style is a really great way to add some elegance and panache to your look. Find one here.

Types of leather jacketsThe cropped leather jacket

A great addition to the leather jacket family is the cropped leather jacket. These are such a cute way to edge up that summer outfit. It goes really well with a fun summer dress, high-waisted jeans, or cropped pants. Also, a cropped jacket that sits at your waist, will help to create an illusion of a cinched middle. So smart! Find one here.

Let me know which one is your favourite!

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