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Turning a breech baby – is it possible?

Now, I would never claim to be an expert of anything (expert chicken pops eater – is that a thing?) but when it comes to giving birth, I kinda know what’s up. And with this being my fourth pregnancy, I had planned to give natural birth once again, as I had with all my other kids. I was mentally and emotionally prepared for it.

Until a trip to my OBGYN revealed that baby is most definitely still breech, and at 34 weeks we kinda have a 3 week window period to ensure that he/she moves into position for birth.

Freaking out? Nay, not I, kind Sir.  (I mean, I usually speak like a Shakespearean character, nothing out of the ordinary here).

But I would obviously prefer to give birth the only way I know how, as opposed to a C-Sec. Also, given the lengthy healing period and the fact that I have many other children to care for, I would say that a C-Sec (though manageable, I’m sure) would throw a spanner in the works for me.

Anyways, so with that said, baby needs to get his/her little butt into position, so to speak. After talking it out with Hubstopher (who is chilled about it all, as per usual) I did what any normal, sane pregnant woman would do: I Googled (because who are you evens if you aren’t using the Internet to find the solution to your medical problems).

I found a few interesting tips on the interwebs and were more drawn to the ones that did not sound as if it would put my unborn child in danger (because duh). And then I thought, hey I should share these with my readers because even though some of it sounds ridiculous I’m sure there is another pregnant mom with a breech baby situation, scouring the internet for a blog post of this very nature. I’m here to serve. You’re welcome.

Anyways, here are 7 (naturalish) ways to possibly get your breech baby to turn:

1. All about the music
You guys, no jokes, but some websites say that you must put headphones on your pelvis (toward your pubic bone), while playing classical music, and baby will naturally gravitate towards it. Apparently 10 minutes, six to eight times per day will do the trick.

2. The breech tilt
So apparently, if you lie on your back with hips slightly elevated and knees bent, you create more room in your belly and naturally coax baby to move into position. You should try this up to three times a day for atleast 10 minutes.

3. Just keep swimming
So there are no hard facts but some say that swimming can be quite relaxing and therapeutic and can help to get baby to move into position, naturally.

4. Be the light
You could use an amber or red light, moving it slowly from the top down towards your pubic bone, while you’re in a tilt position. This also supposedly coaxes baby into position for labour, since baby will follow the light.

5. Forward-leaning inversion
So I read that rocking back and forth on your hands and knees or even doing some gentle pelvic rotations, for about 10 minutes before bedtime, can help to relax the pelvic muscles and increase the gravitational pull inside your uterus.

6. Sweeten it up
Eat or drink something sweet (fruit included) and lie on your side with your hips positioned higher than your feet. The sugar rush will get baby moving and your body’s position will coax baby to get into that birthing position.

7. Using cold
They say that placing something cold on your belly will encourage baby to move into the correct position. The cold will cause them to react and move and you could basically coax your little one into position, as they try to move away from the cold.

So what do you think, friends? Interesting, right? Have you tried any of this at home? I’ve heard of other (more invasive) methods, which I am a bit wary about. Have you tried any of those? Please do share your experiences down below.

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  • Beth

    Recently a Canadian blogger and you tuber that I follow, Elle Lindquist, turned her baby in a weekend. I’ll grab a link for you.

  • mommabeartrax

    Absolutely possible Hun! No question! But also must say I hate how drs put this timeline on all things birth. Babies can turn while in labour, like right in the 11th hour if they feel like it. Or they can turn weeks before. They do what they feel. TheyRe rebels like that So without writing a novel here, check out spinning babies, also try using the polar bear position (Google if you need to) and if you’re really want to, or looking for more options: hypnosis! My colleague and truly badass “birth specialist” Kim Young has successfully helped mom’s turn their babies. Hint: it’s actually a dance between you and baby, where the two if you communicate with each other.. the hypnosis just helps those comms
    So talk with that baby if yours. Take some slow breaths, try to find some calm in your day and try n connect with that baba
    All the best. X

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