I ate too much
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How to get rid of that “I ate too much” feeling

Let’s be honest, when it comes to December, the last thing you’re thinking is “Ooh I really can’t wait to stick to my diet!” In fact, most days I feel like I ate too much. And it’s a crying shame!

I totally hate the discomfort one feels after indulging in the rich foods that this time of the year brings around. In my heart of hearts I know that prevention is the best solution. Instead of “I ate too much”, I could rather eat until I’m full. But we are not living in a perfect world, are we, Susan? So here are a few practical tips on how to beat the indigestion blues:

1. Time 
Waiting for the feeling to pass (and your food to digest) is pretty much the most effective solution. While waiting, try to resist the urge to lie down (and groan about how full you are) because laying down will only cause more discomfort and may lead to acid reflux and heart burn.

2. Move around 
Try to stay upright and go for a walk. I’m not saying run a marathon or jump hurdles, Bob. In fact, strenuous exercises should be avoided after a huge meal. But a lovely, brisk walk, can only do you good.

3. Medication 
I don’t do medication unless really needed but I’ve heard that antacids are a must for combating indigestion and other digestive system qualms. They neutralize stomach acids and can assist your body with breaking down all the fatty foods you shoved your face into an hour ago. Charcoal tablets and powder are also recommend since it absorbs excess gas in the intestinal tract. But we shouldn’t be popping these on the daily.

4. Have a drink 
Water is the natural way to flush your system and aid digestion but chamomile tea and other natural caffeine-free teas are also a great way to get things going on the digestion front.

5. Hula Hoop 
I heard this advice and now I really want to eat and then hula hoop just to see if it works! Hula hooping is a great way to tone your abs but it also aids with getting your body into digestion mode. Repetitively moving your hips and abdomen stirs up your internal organs and reduces the discomfort that overeating gives you.

6. Stretches
Another suggestion is to do a couple of easy Yoga stretches to get your body to respond. So when all else fails, you could always try out these gentle stretch techniques.

And friends, while enjoying your  festive meals, please spare a minute for those in need. Your “I ate too much” syndrome can be managed but their hunger cannot. You are blessed to be a blessing to others!

Merry Christmas!

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