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Five reasons why you should come to our 2017 #ECMeetUp mini meet!

And we’re at it again. Miss JustEllaBella (okay that’s not really her name) and I are busy prepping and planning to give you the best 2017 #ECMeetUp mini meet this side of town! “But Luchae, what is a mini meet?” I hear you ask. Well, dear friend, a mini meet is a smaller version of our annual giant, colossal meet up! But still just as uber cool. I promise. (more…)

So I finally got my baby to take the bottle!

I got my baby to take the bottleYou guys probably remember how I ran around in a flat panic, the other day, when my boy refused to drink from his bottle. I mean, the kid had me close to tears. He was as stubborn as a member of parliament. (Oh wait, was that in bad taste?) I tried everything guys, EVERYTHING and I could not get my baby to take the bottle. Anyways, yesterday was my first day back at work, and I’m pleased to announce that my kid did not, in fact, half starve to death. I know, right? Winning. (more…)

My maternity leave is over and I’m excited

maternity leave is overNo, the title of this post was not written by tiny alien invaders who have taken over my body in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of how the average mom brain works. (Suspicious sounding much?) But yes, I am excited that my maternity leave is over. Does that make me a weirdo? (more…)

Just me throwing a spreadsheet brain tantrum

throwing a spreadsheet brain tantrumIf you must know, I haven’t cared to update this blog of mine for the past two weeks. Mainly because this is my version of throwing a spreadsheet brain tantrum. You see, my site was hacked (I’m not even joking) a while ago and during the fixing something went wrong and now I can’t upload images into my posts. Firstly, I know right, are images really that important Luchae? Well yes, yes they are. Secondly, why would anyone want to hack ME? I mean, seriously now. Unless they want to infiltrate my blog in an attempt to take over… uhh my three bedroomed duplex (run by a small army that I created myself and now can’t get away from). Not extremly ambitious I would say. And lastly, why throw a virtual tantrum anyways. It’s not like anyone cares. Well I care. Throwing the tantrum made me feel better, okay? So there you have it. (more…)

Getting my groove back after having a baby

after having a babyThe female body is a wonderful thing. It has been designed with the remarkable ability to accommodate and grow a whole other person. Once the job is complete, the body knows exactly when to eject the tiny human being (albeit with some effort) and then, after birth, bounces back to it’s former glory (I use the word “former” loosely). Though there may be some notable changes to it, post-birth, your body can largely do everything that it could do before the making of said baby. And yet, after having a baby, you somehow still feel ‘changed’. Even if you look the same as you did before. (more…)

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