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And then there were five

Luchae and Christopher Williams are excited to announce that they will be adding one more little Williams to their brood. That’s right! We’re pregnant! (Well, I’m pregnant. If there was an option for us to take turns, I would definitely say that this should be Christopher’s round. But alas, I’m the oven and he is the chef. So….. oh kay… now that this awkward little monologue is over…)

To answer the series of questions that usually follows an announcement of this nature, when you have a bunch of kids already: Yes, we are serious! No, our baby is not a mistake. Yes, we are well aware that being pregnant usually results in the need to feed and clothe a whole other person. And no, we are not overwhelmed. Well, not anymore, atleast. #realtalk

Now, I had written out a whole other birth announcement post. This other post was way more chiller, and in it I explained the series of events that ultimately led to me taking a pee stick test. But, when I told a few people about our HAPPY news, we were met with a bunch of really negative responses that literally shattered my soul.

People said things to us like: “Oh my gosh don’t you guys use protection?” and “You’ve got to be kidding me!” and “Couldn’t you wait another year?!” and “Don’t you have enough children?” and “You know that self control is a fruit of the spirit” and my favorite, “What is wrong with you guys?!”

Those very real, very painful comments made me realize that I shan’t be sharing the detailed birth announcement post because I don’t owe anyone an explanation. And I most certainly don’t need to explain myself to someone who clearly has a different set of ideals and beliefs that I do. Especially the ones who don’t pay for my kids nappies. (So that’s, like, everyone.)

The truth is this, you guys, if Chris and I came into our marriage, sans any other kids, then there would be a lot more celebration and excitement for our baby number three. But, because we have a very real Seth and a very real Kyle (our stepkids), we are now suddenly grouped together with those mass breeding cult families who literally do nothing but procreate. (You get that we’ve only had two babies together, right? We don’t “pop them out all the time”.)

And anyways… who cares?! Well, everyone does, apparently, because in this day and age, you’re only allowed to have a certain amount of children in order to be deemed socially acceptable. I mean, I can’t tell you who made up this rule because my grandparents had seven children and I don’t think they were stoned to death by the town folk.

We get it, five kids feels like A LOT but we’ve managed thus far, by the grace of God. He has sustained us through each uphill and every challenge and I’m 100% confident that He will do it again. He is faithful you guys.

Also, have you seen our other children? There’s another one of those beauties a-cookin’ in my belly as I type this! Eeeeek! So yes, we are happy and excited and feeling all those “aack, we’re having a baby!” feelings and it would be GREAT if you could celebrate with us! In fact we need you to celebrate with us. Will you, please?

Obviously more updates to follow but for now, just this one little public service announcement:

We’re having a baby! AAAAAAAAAAAACK!


  • Carly Clarke

    Congratulations . Children are gifts from God . Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy as it is a very special time .

  • Megan Keith

    This is incredible! Congratulations guys! My dream is a big family with loads of babies! So you enjoy this moment and your pregnancy! Plus, like you said, God is faithful. He will be with you guys every step of the way! Eeek all of the excitement for you, friend xxx

  • Toni

    Congratulations Luchae and Christopher! Wishing you a wonderful journey super-momma! Ignore the haters for they do not pay your bills.

  • curlyheadsanddimples

    Congratulations on your new blessing Luchae!

    My late mother-inlaw used to tell me…” As ek sulke mooi kinders gemaak het, dan kry ek elke jaar n kind”

    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  • Heather

    Congratulations Luchae! Hey I would love to be fertile like you but God blessed me with one and I’m grateful! You are going to have an amazing big family and build many memories.

  • Lizene

    Lol.I had 3kids under 5 at some stage!I got the comment…dont you have a TV and is it from one dad from a total stranger in Greenacres.Congrats…

  • Mandy Frank

    My babes ! Still just super thrilled for you. Loved our “me too” moment ! Like serious ! We’re doing it again … YES ! and your family is beautiful !!! Super excited .

    But ps: the responses as you continue to procreate irrespective of whether there are step kids involved lacks excitement or just general manners ! Or tact !

  • Kim Muller

    OH MY GAAAAASH!!!!!! Luchae!!!!! I’m so freaking happy for you!!!!! Huge congratulations! 😀 YAAAAAAAY!
    Living my dream babe. Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy. And please try not to let others’ reactions get you down 🙂

  • Lesleigh

    Congratulations Luchae & Chris! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy. And you know what, this celebration is yours and those who can’t celebrate with you are clearly a bunch of negative people you should distance yourself from. Nobody has time for negative energy. Enjoy the perfect reason to munch and be lazy!

  • Roxanne Neff

    Congrats to both of you. I know how you feel. We have 4 little princesses and couldn’t imagine life without any of them. Each one of them brings their own chaos and joy to our lives. Neighbour little blessing. Like you said you pay school fees and buy diapers.

  • Nicole

    Here I was looking forward to the first article where the series of events led you to peeing on a stick .. I actually thought that is what this post was about … so bummed it’s not … Why must people be so pessimistic and insensitive? Congratulations on this exciting new chapter ❤️

  • Dionne

    I received very similar responses when i announced my pregnancy, and i only have 3 lol people are weird sometimes…… my fav was “was it planned??” Geez personal much! Congrats to both of you!

  • Melissa Javan

    You guys make great parents – I mean look how sweet your kids are and you’re all happy and healthy, that’s all that counts. You’re right, you don’t owe anyone explanations. Congratulations and again, you’re amazing.

  • Liscka

    Congratulations very happy for you… A baby is such a blessing, i always wanted a ton of kids, but health wise i was unfortunate. I think people reacting the way they do or did to ur announcement is reading your 2018 post on 5 reasons why you should stop asking me to have another baby, because you break it down in that post. But God is God and He knows why He has blessed you with another bundle. So like for real enjoy your pregnancy and stuff what people say. God bless you and your family.

  • thebirdandthebeard

    How did I miss this?! CONGRATULATIONS!! What absolutely amazing news 🙂

    Still in recovery mode after 2 under 18 months and I often think about a 3rd and people look at me like I’m mental – so I feel you. And we moved in the middle of the 2nd pregnancy too! Fun times hahahahaha.

    Hope you have a wonderfully easy pregnancy xx

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