Autumn/Winter 2017 jacket trends

Autumn/Winter 2017 jacket trendsAs much as I love #dressingthebump and all the stunning maternity styles that I’ve been showcasing, I’m actually looking forward to my post-preggy days when I’ll be able to squeeze into my favorite outfits again. (Operative word being “squeeze”) I think the real score is that baby Jo will be joining us at the end of May, which means that I can start shopping for Autumn and Winter gear now! I spotted some really fab Autumn/Winter 2017 jacket trends on Superbalist – six styles in all – and I have to have one of each! From puffers to bombers, super svelte parkas and military styled coats to over-sized biker jackets and elegant faux furs, there is something for everyone. Yep, even you Margaret. Check out these style ideas and you could win a Superbalist voucher to get that jacket that you’ve had your eye on!

puffer colThe Puffer
I love everything about this trendy Tahoe puffer jacket. It’s lightweight and comfy, yet elegant and chic. I like that it’s slightly paded and that it has a high neck and slit pockets. Plus how could you not love a jacket that can pretty much be paired with anything?! From blue denims and heeled boots to leggings and sneakers, the puffer jacket is an easy way to glam up any outfit, no matter the occasion. (Price: R599)

bomber colThe Bomber
If you’re as old as I am (and we’re both quite young, aren’t we?) you’d remember the classic bomber jacket. I love that this beaut is back in season and found a really pretty quilted bomber jacket on Superbalist that I want to need! This bronze-coloured gem has the classic bomber jacket silhouette, with a feminine cut and ribbing on the cuffs and hemline. You could pair it up with heels or even active wear, and you would still look on point. (Price: R699)

parka colThe Parka
If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll fall inlove with this dusty olive, big pocketed parka – a definite must have for the colder Winter months. This jacket is padded for warmth and has a big, detachable hood that features faux fur along the edge. I mean, I would go to the Grahamstown Festival JUST to wear this. But you could pull off this trendy look pretty much anywhere, paired with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots. Very cute. (Price: R600)

biker colThe Biker
The biker jacket is a edgy statement piece that is a must-have this season. I love the cropped fit of this faux-leather jacket. It makes me feel like I can be a ‘rock n roll’ AND super mom all at the same time. The jackets enlarged collar, snap-button closures and zipper pockets gives it that biker-style edge and the beautiful tan colour could work with just about anything. (Price: R849)

coat colThe Coat
Mom, do yourself a favour and invest in a high quality Winter coat, like this beaut from the brand Selected Femme. Tip: coats with longer silhouettes, like this Zanna wool coat, adds length and gives the appearance of a longer torso. I would definitely go for a basic black, double breasted coat, like this one. I like that it has a button up front and a lined inner. Classy and easy to wear. (Price: R2199)

faux colFaux Fur
Faux furs are all the rage at the moment. If you’re not into the over-the-top glam that a long faux fur jacket could bring, how about a shorter styled jacket, like this one. It has a comfortable fit, and a beautiful colour variation, that is not too bold yet still makes a statement. Simply stunning! (Price: R1299)

WinSo, ladies, what did you think? Which of these are your faves? Superbalist wants to give one of you a R500 voucher which you could use towards making your Winter jacket dreams come true! To enter, simply visit Superbalist, find your favorite Autumn/Winter must-have jacket and tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Superbalist but the drooling after these fabulous jackets are entirely my own doing. I promise.

Mom guilt: Needing time away from your children

Mom guilt: Needing time away from your childrenI’ve been dealing with some mom guilt over the past few weeks. You know, “mom guilt”… when we, as mothers, beat ourselves up for various reasons beyond our control. Things like not keeping your home clean enough to eat an egg from the kitchen floor, or not cooking enough healthy meals with 27 food groups in it, or not spending enough time finger painting and making skeletons out of popsicle sticks with your children. Things like that. My recent (very serious) case of mom guilt was brought on by the fact that I did not want my toddler to be around me every second, of every minute, of the day. Ever crave some time away from your children? Well, I was there. I needed a BREAK with a capital B-R-E-A-K! What type of mom thinks that about their kid?!

It started about 2 weeks ago after I picked up a particularly nasty head cold. I literally felt as if my brain was about to explode. Growing bump and back ache aside, I felt terrible. My two year old, however, was oblivious to her mamas aches and pains. She still needed love and attention. She still wanted “only Mama” to give her a bath. She wanted her cuddles and to play “I a frog” on the bed (which involves her hopping around, while I lay and watch, nursing my headache and trying not to be a grump). She wanted me to carry her and play with her and watch Barbie with her, even though I could barely keep my eyes open.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-20 at 12.12.36 PM (1)No matter how much Hubstopher tried to lure her away, the kid wanted her Mama. I felt like the worst mother in the world for wanting her to just GO AWAY. And the funny thing is (it’s not really funny, yo) even though my body felt completely run down and unable to function properly, I LET her wear me down even more. I just could not bring myself to take a break.

After being ill for more than a week, I realized that in order to get better, I needed to rest! I mean, more than a ‘present mom’, my daughter needed a ‘healthy mom’. And that meant allowing my body to heal.

It made me think about how much unnecessary stress and burden we put on ourselves. In many ways we all strive to be as perfect of a mom as we can be. And I guess that is something to be proud of. But sometimes being the best mom means giving yourself a gosh darn break! It’s okay to want to chill. In fact, it’s okay to NEED to chill. Not having your children around you, all the time, doesn’t mean you’ve stopped being their mom. It does not make you selfish or inadequate. In fact, if anything, allowing yourself a time out can help you to be the best mom you can be!

So whether it be reading a book, or starting a new hobby, or simply allowing yourself time to catch up on your favorite series at the end of the day, I encourage you to ENJOY your “time off”. The dishes can wait. I want my children to grow up remembering me as a HAPPY mommy. Not a burnt out mommy. And that’s my life lesson learnt this week.

Have you ever suffered from mom guilt? 

Klinicare Flu VaccineOh and by the way, if you’re looking to punch that flu virus in the face, before it even tries to make its rounds at your home, you should consider getting the Klinicare Flu Vaccine. It protects against the H1N1 flu virus, as well as two other flu viruses that is said to be in circulation this flu season. For more information check out their Facebook page or website.

The Spur debacle and why I don’t care

The Spur debacleSo the whole Spur debacle has everyone talking and I’ve over here like, “what do you mean no more Monday burger special?!” Look, I don’t mean to sound cavalier about what went down at the eatery. In fact, I am down right appalled. But I was even more shocked at the response of South Africans – far and wide – who (get this part) was not even AT Spur at the time of the incident. That’s right ladies and gents. You were not there.

I’m going to take a gander and boldly state that majority of you do not even know the parents involved. (Are my super, amazing, psychic abilities wowing you this morning?) Your anger, however apt, is really not going to help the situation. Your opinion, however indepth, will do nothing towards building up your next door neighbor. With that said, as much as the totally unclassy behavior, displayed in the camera footage, shocked me, it honestly did not affect me to the point where I now want to boycott Spur and white people and black children and eating and (gasp) burger specials.

The thing is, readers, people are people. I’m sure there are a bunch of raving lunatics, who have yelled at each other over far less important things, in the past, and we don’t even know about it because there was no CCTV camera footage to document it. Why is this incident important? Why these people? Is it because the guy is a white man and she is a black woman? Is it because her child is almost married and his is a newborn baby? (I know, right… the way people can spin these stories, hey) Is it because it took place at Spur? Or is it because social media has the power to take an event (regardless of importance) and spread its message to millions in the blink of an eye.

The power and poison of the internet is that news and information is shared more easily. It’s not always a good thing, mind you, because everyone is just so darn opinionated now a days! Fiction becomes facts and facts become debatable and pretty soon, Helga the Housewife is an expert on criminal law. It gets even uglier when it becomes a race thing (sigh) and before you know it, we’re back in our pre-1994 mindset, acting the fool and cussing individuals that we’ve never even met, because we didn’t like what they had to say on a Facebook comment. Are we really being our best selves, right now, people?

If anything, the Spur incident has taught me a few lessons.
The main one being that I am in control of MY actions and MY reactions. No one else is.
The second one is that showing kindness and compassion, even if the other person doesn’t deserve it, is a strength and holds more power than I can even comprehend. Especially if I am doing it in the presence of my children!
Thirdly, I don’t always have to share my opinion. Like, for real, no one cares. Put it away.
And lastly, and most importantly: I really love burgers.

That is all. Moving on, shall we?

(PS: Yes, I am mildly bummed that the Spur Monday burger special will no longer be running. You can read more about that over here.)

Sneaker LAB Premium Shoe Care Kit: review and giveaway!

Sneaker LAB
When you have a gazillion children, like I do (please, love my drama, don’t hate on it) you’re always eager to find quicker and easier ways of doing things. One such thing has been the saving grace of Sneaker LAB – an innovative premium shoe care product that is helping me keep my teen (and tots) sneakers looking fresher for longer. Yes, it’s possible! Let me show you how (and give you a shoe care kit to try out for yourself!)

S1Step 1:
After using a Michael Jackson face mask to protect my nostrils as I unearthed some of his dirtiest sneakers from under his bed, I used the Premium Brush, on Kyles favorite pair of kicks, to brush away any loose dirt. I then generously sprayed on the Sneaker Cleaner. This non-soap, water based solution is 100% biodegradable (you’re welcome, Earth) and you can even use it on your suede or nubuck shoes.

S2Step 2:
Because my child does not believe in doing things moderately, I needed to use the Premium Brush again, to scrub those heavy dirty areas. You can dip the brush into some water, if you need help getting those stains out. In this pic, I tried the Premium Brush on his suede Adidas and I can confidently say that the sturdy bristles are soft enough to care for your suede’s but tough enough to scrub out those stubborn marks. A bit like me, I would say.

S4Step 3:
Using a microfiber cloth, I gave the sneakers a good wipe down and allowed it to air dry. Once it was sufficiently clean and dry, I sprayed a good dose of the Sneaker Protector onto the entirety of the shoe. The Sneaker Protector is a water-based treatment that acts as an invisible protective barrier. This is especially helpful when using it on newer sneakers, since it helps to keep it looking newer and cleaner for longer.

S3Step 4:
Once this was done, I applied a large amount of Odor Protector to make those sneakers smell as fresh as a daisy. I love that this product is literally the Batman to my teenagers bacteria-causing-odor related shoe problems. Amazeballs.

S6The result: Excellent! And I didn’t break my back while doing it! You guys, Sneaker LAB is a product after my own heart. They even have Premium Sneaker Wipes – beautifully thick wet wipes of sorts, designed to clean your sneakers AND protect it! Yep, these babies are filled with Sneaker Cleaner solution, which helps to condition and protect shoes. They worked wonderfully on Curly’s little sneakers and on mama’s favorite suede heels. (Not that I’ve been wearing them lately, because: swollen preggy feet).

S7All in all, Sneaker LAB has totally impressed me and my spreadsheet brain. I LOVE that the company cares about the environment too and that all of their products are natural and do not contain nasty chemicals but rather use pro-bacterial technology that is safe for the environment. Score! You can use any of these products on canvas, leather, suede and nubuck. Check out the Sneaker LAB website for more info.

Right, now to our giveaway! We want to give you your very own Sneaker LAB Premium Shoe Care Kit (like the one I’ve used in this tut) and a very cool SL cap and tshirt!

Sneaker LABTo enter, simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts below and please don’t forget to follow me on Facebook to find out if you’re a winner next Friday, 31st March!

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Sneaker LAB but all the content, opinion and pics of my kids smelly sneakers are entirely my own. I promise.

Dressing the bump: Yummy Mummy Maternity {WIN!}

Yummy Mummy MaternityMarch is the month of #dressingthebump. Yep, I’ve claimed it! And I am totally enjoying the beautiful maternity and body positive clothing that I get to showcase while doing so. This week I model the very stylish and comfortable Yummy Mummy Maternity capsule collection.  Made of high quality fabrics, with that growing mummy belly in mind, the capsule collection is a mix of four basic maternity wear items. (Wana win one? Stay tuned!) (more…)

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