The many emotions of a toddler

toddler emotionsWhen it comes to raising a toddler, I refuse to accept the term ‘terrible twos’. I believe that when my toddler turns 2 years old next week, she will begin her season of ‘terrific twos’. Why speak “terribleness” over your child’s life, anyways? No sir, no thank you. I mean, parenting is challenging enough as it is!

But with that said, I sometimes sit and stare at my kid as she goes from being ecstatically happy to mournfully sad in a matter of seconds. How is it, little girl, that you loved chicken so much 5 minutes ago, but now you simply cannot have it near you? Did I miss something? One minute she loves her dad and croons “Hallo dada!” beautifully as she plants a fat kiss on his lips. And the next, she yells “NO!” at the top of her voice, when he attempts to pick her up. Split seconds, I tell ya. Is it normal? Yes, yes it is.

Around the ages of 2 and 3, toddlers are able to express their feelings better (noise levels in your home gone up? Yep, you’ve reached that stage). This could manifest itself in bursts of dramatic laughing or expressive crying and as much as we would like to hush them up, it’s better to just roll with the punches. I’ve begun to realize that my job, as a parent, is to help my kid understand WHY she is feeling an emotion. says that helping your toddler understand the connection between what they are feeling and the situation that lead to that feeling, will also teach your kid that she has the ability to control her emotions. Likewise, when she’s feeling sad, let her know that it’s okay to feel sad. Sometimes things don’t go the way we’d like it to and it makes us sad, and that’s okay. But it’s not the end of the road, it’s a pit stop – they need to know that and that there are ways to feel better! emotional toddlerI intensely dislike when someone says “Oh, why is she crying, she’s so naughty!” Like, no. Cut it out. When you’re upset, no one puts you in a corner and calls you naughty. Sure, there is a need to set right from wrong. But there is an even bigger need to validate your kids emotions and help them understand it better. In this way, you are increasing your child’s emotional intelligence so that they will, in turn, be more sensitive to the next person’s feelings. We need to teach our kids how to feel empathy and practice sensibility when it comes to dealing with each other. Well, that’s my opinion anyways.

So yes, my kid is not dramatic or a diva or *gasp* naughty. She is a healthy, growing girl, who is simply experimenting with her expression.

Oh, sorry…  I’m saying this to me, not you. Need to remember that when she throws a “no dudu” tantrum at 10pm.


More tricks for curly chicks

curly chicks

I’m a fan of curls, even though I’m not exactly living on the curly side of life. My baby girl, however, has hair that makes random people in shopping malls think that it’s okay to touch it. Bless them. But anyways, so yes, on a good day, she has a major curly afro going on and I love it!

If you recall, I previously posted about the (extremely loose) hair regime that I have going on for Kari. I also try to use natural products on her hair to maintain it’s natural curl. I was advised to try out the Johnson&Johnson curly hair brand but it just dried her hair out. In fact, most baby shampoos did that. I blame the “no tears” chemicals, but what do I know. So yes, we needed something more. Curly Chicks

And then my “curly hair guru” friend, JustEllaBella, advised me to try out the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula products. The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo, for starters, is all sorts of dreamy. I mean, this stuff is thick and creamy and smells delish. The shampoo contains no sulfates, no parabens and lots of Vitamin E, coconut oil and keratin, which is meant to strengthen dry hair. I usually shampoo my kid’s hair once a week with the shampoo (and just a smidge of it – it foams up very quickly).
Palmers Coconut Oil Formula

I then use the Palmer’s Protein Pack, which is a deep conditioner, to restore moisture to her hair. This packet is actually a hair mask, but because there is so much of it (and so little of her), I am able to use it as a normal conditioner. One packet lasts us up to about 6 washes! Again, it contains no sulfates and no parabens.

After learning the stuff I learnt the last time (keep curly hair moisturised etc) I try to keep her hair hydrated by applying Pure Coconut Oil to it, as often as needed. I’ve also made a coconut oil hair spray for her, by dissolving 1 part coconut oil to 2 parts hot water in a spray bottle. I use this often (especially when styling or curling) and it really helps alot.telephone cord hair tie

Other things that I’m really loving is the latest trending plastic coil hair tie. You’ve probably seen them around and wondered “why the heck is that lady wearing a telephone cord around her hair?!” Dude, these gadgets are amazing! They don’t get stuck in my girls curly mane and there is minimal breakage. The hair coil doesn’t leave a kink in your hair (#kinksmustfall) but still manages to grip hair securely. It also helps that it’s really funky looking, and they make really rad looking arm bands. Always a score.

I’m in the process of investigating a whole bunch of other alternatives to use on my girl’s hair. Things like natural homeopath oils etc. I know that diet plays a big part in the health of your hair… well, and your body, and your mental wellness. (So just be healthy, okay?) There are loads of other things that you could implement into your daily schedule to make sure that your hair stays happy and strong.

Do you have any curly hair tips to pass on to me? 

Looking for a house to call home…

homeTo say that we are ‘homeless’ is an outrage because we actually have a roof over our heads, while some have none. But we’ve been in “home limbo” for the few months now – and it sucks!

We moved out of our old place a few months ago and due to reasons (out of our new landladys control) we’ve had to postpone moving into our new home. This is why owing your own property is important, kids!

Eventually, after a lot of back and forthing, we took it as a sign from the Lord that the new place was not the one for us. It was such an anti-climax, but it made sense. I mean, why all the delays? Anyways, we had a chat with the landlady (who is very nice btw). She was so understanding about it, apologizing for the delays etc. But I think we both realized that this wasn’t the one for us. It was back to the drawing board for team Williams.

Hubstopher’s parents have been putting up with us in the meantime but the novelty of living on the “edge” (so to speak) is slowly wearing off now.  My stuff’s been in bondage storage for longer than I care to count and I really need to have my space back. I find myself suddenly missing all the mundane things that come with running your own home. Things like buying electricity and doing the washing every Saturday morning. Who knew that I’d actually miss going grocery shopping and repacking my meats and chicken into neat compartments in my freezer. I want it back! Hubstopher misses it a little bit more than I do. I guess nothing feels more “back to the future” than moving back home after you’ve had one of your own.

But in the midst of all the uncertainty, we still have so much to be thankful for! As I’ve said, Hubstopher’s parents have been terrific – we are so thankful. Their house is big enough to accommodate us and the perks are that Curly Sue is always entertained. They are smitten with her and she knows it! Things could have ended pretty badly, but we’re covered and always taken care of.

So for now, we’re on that “house hunt” trip. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and our chins up – God has it all figured out, I’m sure of it!

Things to do in Port Elizabeth (with your toddler) this Summer!

Port ElizabethChristmas and the school holidays are just around the corner and boy am I excited! Our girl is 2 years old this year and we are finally able to explore PE and have some toddler fun with her! Fun with a toddler? Yep, it can happen! You need to believe me. Okay, okay, I know you want proof. Fine, let me give you a few examples:

Holmeleigh FarmHolmeleigh Farmyard
A Nelson Mandela Bay favorite, Holmeleigh Farmyard is an animal touch farm situated on Grey Dawn Road, Kragga Kamma. The venue is home to a variety of small farm animals, such as cuddly rabbits, goats, ducks and geese. Queenie the cow has become rather popular and our boys love gathering close by to watch her being milked! There’s also a bunch of colorful obstacle courses to explore, a pony to ride and a tractor to hitch a lift with. This beloved farmyard is a must-see on my girl’s list of Summer activities! Bring your kids! Oh and parents, you can join in too. Why not chill it out at the Holmeleigh Farm tea garden and indulge in their freshly baked goods. Entrance costs R25 per person and it is definitely worth the spend.

Stella Londt Miniature Railway
Everything about the words “mini train” screams excitement and fun! The Stella Londt Miniature Railway, situation in Londt Park, has been in operation since 1972. The facility boast a selection of mini steam and diesel trains, a tunnel, little pedestrian bridges and a train station to boot! These trains work the same as actual big ones and they are well looked after. Families are able to pack a picnic basket and camp out for a fun filled afternoon as kideos enjoy rides on the mini trains at R8 per ride. Refreshments and light snacks are available at the kiosk on the premises.

The BoardwalkThe Magic Company, The Boardwalk
The range of activities found at The Magic Company game center, located at The Boardwalk in Summerstrand, is sure to be a spoil for your little one. My girl especially loves going on the “big little” rides and is quite pleased that she gets to push the buttons all by herself. It helps that the ice cream and food stalls are closely situated and that we are able to enjoy a dip in the sea before or after. The Boardwalk offers really sweet kiddie combo packages too, that include a movie, a meal and more! December always brings with it a hive of activities at the popular entertainment spot, so it’s a definite on our to do list.

The BeachSardinia Bay Beach
Our “sunshine coast” is well known for it’s abundant selection of sand and surf spots. But, above all, we love Sardinia Bay the most! This pristine coastline lies between Schoenmakerskop and Sea View and is accessed by travelling along Sardinia Bay Road. Complete with picnic facilities, the suntan haven is well known for it’s near perfect beach (#rocksmustfall) and it’s close proximity to the Sacramento hiking trail. Building sandcastles is a must but fishing is not permitted since the area has been declared a Marine Reserve. Snorkeling and scuba-diving, however, is permitted and our older kids will definitely enjoy doing that.

Heavenly Stables
And while you’re in Sardinia Bay, why not check out the Heavenly Stables adventure beach trails. The company offers scenic horse rides through the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve. You can also canter along the beach or take your little one to visit one of their ponies, who are all well groomed and well behaved by the way. These lovable ponies are quite fond of the attention they get from young children and toddlers! Heavenly Stables also offers special day camps that encourage children to learn more about horses. The skilled and friendly staff will take them on special horse riding sessions and teach them a thing or two about horse grooming and becoming an expert horseman.
For flights in and out of Port Elizabeth (aka Nelson Mandela Bay), check out Cheap Flights for the best deals. A full itenary of all the activity happening in the bay can be found on the tourism website.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Cheapflights in association with the Port Elizabeth Blogathon and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism, All the content, opinions and very dashing photos of my curly girl are entirely my own. I promise.

Tweexy’s wearable nail polish holder

TweexyI can be a bit of a clutz sometimes most times. If you don’t believe me, check out all the splatters of nail polish on my work desk… duvet covers… jeans… It’s everywhere! With that said, I was most impressed when Tweexy sent me one of there original finger mounted nail polish bottle holders to test out.Tweexy

With Tweexy, you can literally apply your nail polish just about anywhere… In the car, on a train, while doing push ups, you get the gist.

Tweexy fits all finger sizes and just about every size nail polish bottle. Made of silicone, the product is very bendy and movable. It sits securely on two fingers and once you’re done, it’s easily removed by pulling it off (vertically). No smeared manis, no problems! Tweexy

When I tested it out, I found that almost every bottle of nail polish I own, can fit into my tweexy. It took some time to get use to having it on my finger though. The bottle stayed put during an easy nail polish application but I wasn’t about to do jumping jacks with it. Once you’ve worked your (spreadsheet) brain around having the device on your fingers, and not being able to move your hand around as freely, it’s quite a nifty product to have! Tweexy

I have the sapphire night Tweexy. They also come in bonbon pink and spa green – so cute!

What do you think about the Tweexy?

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