Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party brings the festivities!

jumbo4Every year Nelson Mandela Bay kiddies (and their parents) gear up for Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party – a fun filled evening of make believe and Christmas activities. This year our curly girl visited Uncle Jumbo and his friends for the very first time and she had so much fun!

Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party

The Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party tractor picked us up at the gate and we were transported to fantasy land (aka the other side of the field) where a magical castle and bouncy clowns await. The atmosphere was charged with excitement (I mean, hello, magical castle) as we found our spots in the grassy arena next to Ella (JustEllaBella) and Aidan. Curly seemed pretty content except for the fact that she doesn’t do “sit still” very well right now. Fortunately, kiddies are encouraged to interact with Uncle Jumbo and his special friends and they are given free reign of the area. jumbo2

One by one beloved story book and silver screen characters came out to play. We met Elsa (Frozen) and a few Disney princesses. Curly was most impressed with Spiderman… or “Eency Weency Spider” as she calls him. Other highlights was the visit from Noddy and the amazing Boys Brigade Band. The band had all the kids and parents en tow, marching around the field. So much fun!jumbo6

A few games and surprises later and it was time for an appearance by special guests Father Christmas and Tinkerbell! And yep, you guessed it, there were presents involved! (Hint: Parents hand the clearly marked gifts in at the door, upon entrance). Our kid was so pooped after all the running around and fresh air that she fell asleep pretty early. Score!

The Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party show runs from November 25th to December 11th at DF Malherbe High School. The show times are 18:30 to 20:30 on week days and 17:30 to 19:30 on weekends. Tickets cost R50 for adults and R60 for children (aged 1 to 12). Kiddies receive a snack and a sweetie pack at the end of the night. All proceeds go to charity. jumbo3

Even though it’s Summer, it gets pretty chilly when the sun sets, so bring some blankets and warm clothes for your little ones. Yummy food and drinks are on sale. You’ll want to bring extra money for glow sticks too and you are welcome to pack a picnic basket.

Sigh. I love Christmas!

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The ABC’s of buying a second hand car

I am in the process of buying a second hand car but, let me tell you, I sometimes feel like ditching the car and buying a bicycle instead! Not that that would ever happen. I mean, a bicycle would do nothing for my hair. There is just SO much to consider when purchasing a preowned vehicle though. It doesn’t help that society seems to think that girls and cars don’t go together. That kind of thinking is so last century. Watch me find that car, change ownership onto my name and source super duper cheap car insurance all by myself! And you can too! Here’s how:

Check the facts
When you’ve spotted the car of your dreams and the price is right, contact the owner and check the facts. Engine size, model code, year model and mileage may sound like a big bag of “HUH?” but can vastly affect the actual value of the car. Gather all the needed info and ask a friendly used car dealer for the retail and book value of the vehicle. You obviously don’t want to be paying more than the vehicles value.

View the car, with bodyguard en tow
I do believe in girl power but putting your life in danger is SO not a good look. When viewing the vehicle be sure to meet in a public place and take someone along with you. It would be to your advantage if that someone is proficient in car talk but if they’re not, here’s what to check: The body work (accident damage and rust on the bonnet, boot and doors); The mechanics (lights and indicators) and the tyres. The vehicles license disc must be up to date and the vehicle must be ‘roadworthy ready’! What’s this “roadworthy” I speak of? Well, by law all vehicles must have a roadworthy certificate. This means that the vehicle is safe to drive and not a hazard to other motorists. You will need to get the vehicle certified soon after purchase.

Once the purchase has been concluded make sure you are given the vehicles original service book (if it has one). To transfer ownership onto your name the seller has to give you the vehicles original registration document (or else the car is not really yours!), a certified copy of his ID document, a letter giving you permission to remove the vehicle from his name and a completed NCO document. You can take these along with your roadworthy certificate, recent proof of address and completed RLV form to your nearest Post Office to do the transfer. Who knew that buying a second hand car would be so easy, right?

buying a second hand car Apply for insurance, with premiums that DECREASE monthly
Let’s face it, if you’re a mom or a lady on the move, you don’t have the time to be stuck without your vehicle! Car insurance is always in style, if you know what I mean. Especially if you’re not gifted in the parking department (or is is it just me?). The truth is: you need to make sure that your vehicle is covered! To do this, simply visit the King Price Insurance online quote form and follow the easy prompts to receive a super cheap estimated premium.

The cool thing is that with King Price Insurance, your premiums actually DECREASE monthly, as the value of your car depreciates! Yep, you read right! I don’t know about you but I’d choose decreased premiums over inflated rates and “no claim bonuses” any day. You are able to insure just about anything, even your portable possessions. I mean, my handbag is important, yo! Not forgetting all those other valuable electronic gadgets and even your beloved jewelry. With King Price everything is covered.

There are many glorious perks that come with being a King Price client. Things like Emergency Assist and Kings Cab (A personal chauffeur? Uhm yes please!) that makes going with them a no brainer! Let’s get with it, girl! Visit the King Price website today and check it out for yourself.

Happy car hunting!

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by King Price Insurance but all the content is my own. i promise.

Going Christmas Crazy with our favorite PE brands {And a giveaway!}


PE Brands Christmas Gift IdeaIn case you haven’t noticed, I love Christmas. And with loving Christmas comes the huge responsibility of loving presents too. (Responsibility on Hubstopher, I mean). If you love PE brands and you’re a big Christmas gift giver and receiver, you’ll love some of the funky and enduring gift ideas made by the hands of our very own Nelson Mandela Bay residents!

Alove Creations
PE Brands Christmas Gift IdeasAlethea Ross is the mama behind one of my favorite Port Elizabeth based brands, Alove Creations. This lady literally just decided to follow her passion and started creating the most amazing clothing pieces and gift ideas! From body scrubs and scarves to kimonos and the most adorable little kiddie accessories, there’s something for everyone!PE Brands Christmas Gift Ideas

My favorite item in her range, at the moment, are these brightly colored chiffon kimonos. They are available in basically any colour, with a variety of plain, beaded and fringe designs to choose from. And at a cost of R220 to R260, they would make for a great Christmas gift. And husbands, for this week only Al is giving My Spreadsheet Brain readers a cool 10% off all kimonos! Simply mention this blog post, when making payment, to qualify.

JustEllaBellaPE Brands Christmas Gift Ideas
I think that Ella over at JustEllaBella comes up with the cutest and most thoughtful gift ideas! If you’ve been following, you’ll know that Ella has recently closed her kids apparel and decor store, Oh! Boy. But this young lady is not putting down her crafting tools just yet. Her recent addition is A Cup of Cute. I mean, I wanted one before I even knew what it was! Who wouldn’t want a cup of cute?

Her Cup of Cute initiative features hand made beaded jewelry, hair accessories and earrings that are both fabulous and “guilt free treats”, as she would say. You can find Ella’s Cup of Cute at the soon to open CASA – a boutique store owned by PE local, Cleo Allison. The up and coming store will stock stunning ready to wear and bridal fashion, designed by Cleo and selected local designers. If you’re in Port Elizabeth on the 15th December at 7pm, do pop into CASA’s grand opening on the corner of 67 2nd Avenue and Mc Adam Street, Newton Park.

And now for the FANTASTIC news! As part of our Christmas Crazy promotion, Alove Creations and Just Ella Bella are giving away a beautiful chiffon kimono, a Cup of Cute and a set of JustEllaBella notebooks to one very lucky My Spreadsheet Brain reader!

To enter, please follow the rafflecopter prompts below and keep your eyes peeled to my Facebook page this coming Friday, where I’ll announce the winners. As always, winner must please respond by noon on Monday 5th, to claim the prize.

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Pregnancy: Things people don’t tell you about the first trimester

first trimesterThe thing about finding out that you are pregnant is that you think you’re going to hang around, living your life and having fun, before the preggy signs and symptoms kick in. Not true. Not true at all. There’s a bunch of stuff that people don’t tell you about the first trimester of pregnancy. I mean, before I knew that these symptoms were an actual thing, I thought that I was simply being dramatic. Do you feel that way, pregnant fairy? Well, I’m here to tell you that you are NOT dramatic at all. Call me the preggy myth buster if you must. These first trimester feelings that you’re having are all totally legit!

5 things they don’t tell you about the first trimester of pregnancy

1. Morning sickness does not only happen in the morning
In fact, my morning sickness lasts pretty much the whole, darn day. I think that feeling nauseous and actually throwing up would be great compared to having that never ending queasy feeling follow you around like a bad smell. Fortunately, the morning sickness only lasts for approximately 12 weeks of your pregnancy. Food aversions and cravings are all pretty natural too, and yep you can expect them as early as the first trimester! Your digestion is slowing down, which could make some of your most favorite foods totally intolerable right now! And your cravings do not have a time limit, so if you want to shove your face into a bowl of ice cream, but you’re not even showing yet, I say go for it!

2. Tiredness does not only begin when your belly is round
You are literally exhausted from the get go. Why? Well, because your body is pumping double the amount of blood it usually does, working overtime to help create the placenta and all the other good stuff that your baby needs to thrive in the womb. Consider yourself an oven that needs to heat up really quickly. Takes alot of energy, right? Don’t feel weird about being exhausted when there’s no bump to show for it. You’re entitled to your tiredness. Tell them I say so.

3. You pee alot
And again, people may wonder what’s with the frequent urination if there’s no baby to “rest” on your bladder. Well consider the extra blood flow and how it affects your kidneys, causing it to produce up to 25% more urine soon after conception! That’s alot of urine yo. preg2

4. Your tummy gets huge!
The first trimester of pregnancy is the season of the bloat. That’s right, my preggy fairies, some of us bloat like a hot air balloon. This is largely due to the preggy hormone, progesterone, that relaxes the smooth muscle tissue in your body (including the gastrointestinal tract) which slows down digestion and increases the amount of gas movement. Some mornings my tummy is as flat as a pancake (well, let’s be honest, it wasn’t exactly pancake flat BEFORE the pregnancy, but you know what I mean) and by the time afternoon hits, I’m so bloated I appear to be atleast 6 months pregnant. It’s funny but it’s true. And it’s all totally normal.

5. Hungry. Really hungry.
Again, the misconception that all the action happens when you’re already a-growing is pretty much just that, a misconception. You might be thinking: “why the heck am I so hungry all the time, I’m only a few weeks pregnant!” Well, remember that your body is working overtime so you need all those resources to keep baby growing! Eat sister!

And there you have it. Learning about these first trimester symptoms made me feel a little more normal and a little less dramatic. I love being pregnant and want to enjoy every minute of my little miracle growing inside my belly. I pray the same for you and that your pregnancy is a healthy and joy filled one!

P.S. The photos featured in this post were taken by Nikki Moss a few years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

Oh So Heavenly gift ideas and a giveaway!

oh2Hands up if you often find yourself in the ‘Oh So Heavenly‘ bedecked aisle at Clicks, oogling at the pretty boxes and products. Yep, I’m a huge fan like that. But do you blame me? Everything looks and smells yummy! And with prices that are affordable and treats that cater for everyone, these Oh So Heavenly gift ideas are a no brainer when it comes to gift giving this festive season:

For your princessoh so heavenly gift ideas pp-princess-treatsMy Curly loves her Pretty Princess gift pack. It includes a body wash, bubble bath, shimmer lotion and body glitter, all in a castle shaped box! I mean, come on, a girl needs to get her sparkle on! The Christmas gifting range also includes a Pretty Princess sparkle clutch bag gift set, with a Sweet Treats body spray. Both cost an affordable R54.95!

Summer treatste_tropical-triote_purely-paradiseWant to stay fresh and smell yummy this Summer? You’ll love the Purely Paradise and Tropical Trio gift packs. With bath and body products aptly named Citrus Boost, Berry Bubbly and Coconut Crush, these are a must have this festive and will make great stocking fillers. Purely Paradise gift set R74.95 and Tropical Trio gift set R46.95.

Expecting moms rnc_bc

I love that the Oh So Heavenly team considers every woman, in every season of her life, when they design their products. The Mum and Cherub collection is ideal for mamas with babas. One of the sets even include milestone cards! But, at this current phase of my life, I am most excited about the Oh So Heavenly Repair and Care range! (If you’re wondering why, read here.)

I have been using the Repairing Body Lotion and Repairing Body Oil and can feel the difference on my skin. The body oil is a tissue oil, which is a definite must for expecting mums who wants to replenish their skin and safeguard against those dreaded stretch marks. Let’s just say if I found this range under my tree this Christmas, I would be a happy mama! They are definitely well priced too with the Repair N Care Tissue Oil Repairing Body Cream 350ml at R72.95 and the Repair N Care Tissue Oil 125ml at R79.95.

So what do you think about the Oh So Heavenly gift ideas? It’s your turn to indulge, dear readers! As part of my Christmas Crazy promotion, I am giving away one Oh So Heavenly gift set, for you to pamper and spoil yourself with this Christmas! To enter, follow the Rafflecopter prompts below. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, to see if you’re a winner, this Friday 25th November. Winner must claim their prize by Monday 28th November, at noon. Good luck!

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