Meet the Mommy Blogger: Sharon van Wyk of The Blessed Barrenness

Sharon van Wyk of The Blessed Barrenness

Ever come across a piece of writing that makes your heart go “aaaack”? Or do you find yourself reading something whilst quietly sobbing at your desk, like a lunatic, for people you have yet to meet? Well, friend, that’s me… Continue Reading

Being body positive: I’ve never been a fan of my body

I’ve never been a fan of my body. I mean, I get it, I’m not overweight. But that doesn’t mean that I feel good about the way that I look. To be honest guys, I’ve been body shaming myself since… Continue Reading

The truth about Valentine’s Day

The truth about Valentine's Day

So today is the big V Day and judging by the amount of red and white outfits I spotted on my way to the office, people are really getting into it. But I was wondering, do you know the real… Continue Reading

Getting that fresh breath fix with Sunstar GUM {Win a hamper!}

February has been dubbed “relationship month” and I’m a fan of the festivities that go with it. I love that we get to celebrate relationships and love and intimacy. But, to be honest, Valentine’s Day in our home, at the… Continue Reading

Meet the Mommy Blogger: Venean Bosch of In The Meantime

Venean Bosch

As far as friendships go, I’m quite selective about who I share my life with. I mean, you get friends-friends… the people you occasionally spend time and generally share the ups and downs of the day with. And then you… Continue Reading

I love you, I love me not

I love you

So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m bracing myself for the onslaught of chocolates, roses and exaggerated “i love yous”. I mean, that’s what the big V Day is all about, right? Buying sweet treats and pretty flowers… Continue Reading

All about my LG Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter

LG Sapience Top Loader

If you have small children or a large family, you’re probably intimately acquainted with your washing machine. My washing machine is my best friend. It helps that it’s a LG┬áSapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter though. I mean, I don’t… Continue Reading

On the move with Opalescence Go


I was so excited when Opalescence Go sent me one of their teeth whitening kits. I mean, I love coffee. But I’m not a fan of the yellow-tinge on my teeth, after a few cups of java. Coffee, and other… Continue Reading

Meet the Mommy Blogger: Cindy Alfino of 3 Kids 2 Dogs and 1 Old House

If you guys are looking to inspire those #lifegoals, you need to check out mommy blogger, Cindy Alfino, who blogs over at 3 Kids 2 Dogs and 1 Old House. For starters, Cindy and her fam could totally moonlight as… Continue Reading

Bath time with Bubiroo


Bath time around our parts are quite a mission. I mean, for starters, there are now two squirmy little bodies to clean and the two-year age gap means nothing because the littlest one is just as active as the bigger… Continue Reading