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My birth story: an unplanned C-Sec that changed everything

You know I’m always joking around about the fact that I’m a (self-acclaimed) preggy expert since I’ve been pregnant very many times in my life. And when it comes to birthing my babies, I’ve always opted for natural labour (unmedicated for the most part) because I know my body and I understand the birthing process and what needs to happen.

But when I was admitted to hospital on Monday afternoon, for an induced labour, I had absolutely no peace about it at all. In fact, I ended up crying (no jokes) because something did not feel right. But let’s start at the beginning:

“Imma push this baby out!”

We visited our OBGYN on Monday morning and he confirmed what we already knew: Asher was a big baby and if I wanted to birth him naturally, I would need to be induced. I mean, that wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for (you can read Jonah’s induction story here) and I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect but I was just so darn eager to see my little bebe and I knew that if he were too big, there might be complications.

Anyways, fast forward to Monday evening. By this point they had already initiated induction, but they were going easy on my body (for many reasons, but I think it’s because I’m old haha) and were taking it slowly. By Tuesday morning nothing was happening you guys. And if you know my insides (which you don’t, also that’s gross, sorry) you would know that I usually labor very quickly and easily… especially after an induction.

It was at this point, that I lay in my hospital bed, sobbing… literally sobbing… because I did not have peace. I phoned Hubstopher a few times at this point begging him to convince my OBGYN to “cut me”. I gave him a gazillion reasons why I needed to have a C-Sec… none of them absolutely, like viable. But I was ready to announce that there was an alien growing in my belly, if it meant that they would rather opt for a C-Sec, over pushing the induction.

This, in itself, is absolutely a shocker… I mean, hello, spreadsheet brain here. The spreadsheet brained Luchae would never beg for a C-Sec (especially if I could labour naturally). But, you guys, I prayed. I asked God for peace. I cancelled this feeling of fear (or what I thought was fear). I pep talked myself and listed the very many reasons why I was probably being silly and why I needed to suck it up and give birth naturally, as I usually would.

But alas, no peace. Just an overbearing feeling of “something isn’t right” and “I can’t do this!”

My lovely doctor eventually made his rounds and after a brief chat, he was absolutely convinced that I know my body and I know what’s up and he is going to go with what I suggest: A C-sec. My very first one, ever in my life.

“Cut me, doctor!” 

Joy to the world! Right? (Hahaha tell that to my tummy muscles right now). Anyways, the prep for the op went smoothly (albeit I was a bit freaked out, having watched enough episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to score me a doctor’s license) and I lay on the operating table literally still crying you guys. In hindsight, I must have looked like a damn fool, laying and crying while the other occupants in the room were cheerily chatting and going about their business.

A few seconds into “opening me up” (is mos), my OBGYN calls Hubstopher and says, you need to see this! The umbilical cord was wrapped around my little baby’s neck, not just once, but TWICE! The doc was in shock – we certainly had not picked this up via the ultrasounds. Doc reckons that if they had induced labor and tried to get me to push, baby would have been strangled, without a doubt.

My ‘feelings’ (now known as God who spoke to me) were correct… natural labor would have harmed my baby. Having that unplanned C-Sec saved his life. You can imagine the waterworks, after I heard that. I literally lay on the operating table, in a pool of my own snot and tears as the entire room erupted with laughter, as our boy, Asher, was born. A whopping 4,29kg of absolute gorgeousness!

Everyone knew that we did not know his gender, so it was kinda quirky and cool that when doc pulled him out, he immediately started peeing everywhere, as doc announced “it’s a boy!”… I mean, how like a boy, right?

Anyways, we are currently recovering (and by “we” I do mean me and all my feelings) and yep, healing after a C-Sec is totally different when compared to natural labor. Guys, I have new found respect for moms who have done this more than once.

But more than that, I am so thankful that God’s hand was on Asher’s life on the day he was born. It could have ended a lot differently. He is so faithful! And I am so very thankful.


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