DIY home renovations
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DIY home renovations? Yes you can! Here’s how:

When it comes to home DIY and renovations, I try not to get myself entangled in that sort of mess. And yep, the use of the word “mess” is very intentional because, Honey, best believe my home would be a mess if I tried my hand at DIY renovations! But, since it’s almost the start of a new year, I’ve decided to practice and hone my DIY skills. I found a bunch of easy home reno projects on the interwebs, that will suit a beginner like me. Would you like to try your hand at adding personal touches to your home?  DIY home renovations? Yes, you can! Here are four easy ways:

Hang a shelf

Hanging a shelf is a project that can be super easy but can also go horribly wrong. Not to fret, dear friend, your local hardware store will assist with cutting your board down to size and ensuring that you have the right “nuts and bolts” needed to hang it. It would make sense that you pick out and choose the space where you would want to hang the shelf, before going to purchase the materials. Don’t forget to measure the height you want and the distance between the brackets.

DIY home renovations

Paint a door

Paint your front door. That’s it. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not just a matter of throwing paint onto a door and calling it a day! You would first need to sand and wash the door, dry the surface, remove any door knobs and other hardware, cover any parts that you do not want to paint (i.e. glass, peep hole), apply primer and THEN paint the door. Ideally, the door would be removed from it’s hinges before painting. Don’t forget to allow the paint to dry between applications. Two coats should do the trick.

Apply wallpaper

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to a room, you may want to consider prepasted wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great way to add colour, depth, and texture to a room, without all the hard work that comes with painting. You can determine the number of rolls of wallpaper you need by multiplying the height and width of the wall, to determine the square footage of the wall. (Uhm yes I would totally buy an extra roll juuuust in case…)

DIY home renovationsPaint a wall

If painting the walls of an entire room freaks you out (the way it freaks me out) why not consider “zhoozing” up a wall with some chalkboard paint. A chalkboard wall holds countless possibilities. Use it for your reminders, as a cute guest book, or as a place for your kids to get creative. Chalkboard paint is fairly easy to apply and if you aren’t comfortable with using a paintbrush you could simply spray it on! Don’t forget to sand and prime the area first, for better adhesion.

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