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I quit my job

I quit my job

I quit my job. Or a more gentler phrase would go: “I resigned”.

After 10 and a half years of service, I made the big gigantic decision to leave a desk that had become my comfort zone. Today is actually my last day at my old office. And boy does it feel weird. I guess the correct term is “bittersweet”. I thought I would feel more pumped up, but I’m pretty sad! It’s that feeling of: AACK, things are about to change!

Early days (think 2007ish)

It was no easy task trying to persuade my heart and my mind to let go of the familiar for something that is completely different. But I was in a space of stagnation… no longer growing. And after years of desiring more (and realizing that hey, these peeps probably can’t, or don’t want to, give me more), I decided to take the plunge and accepted an offer from another company.

The new job is nothing like my old one. In fact, it is chalk and cheese. My old position required me to literally push papers until I looked like a human paper mill. My new position requires me to push relationship, in order to make my job a success.  Oh and I get to exercise my creative flair. Score! I probably do get a bit of freedom too, but with it comes hard work and dedication.

Office stapler

I can’t believe I’m leaving! While packing up my desk the other day (yeah, I started early… spreadsheet brain, duh) I came across a stapler that I had received during my early days at the company. I actually started out as a receptionist. Fortunately, my brilliant mind (and obvious humility hahaha) soon saw me promoted to something more challenging. Anyways, the stapler. See the tipex, as I carefully marked it with my name. (told you I’m a marker mom) That was my way of saying, hey people guess what I’m here to stay! I figured that this was where I’d spend the rest of my life, since I am not a fan of change. But how incredibly morbid would it be to stay the same for the rest of your life?! Change is good. Change is needed.

10 years is a long time. I mean, look, in the past 10 years ALOT has happened in my life. A couple of failed relationships. Some friendship circle changes. I’ve moved house a crazy amount of times, lost 2 grandparents, reconnected with Jesus, met my Hubstopher, got married, had a baby. I also rediscovered my love for singing and writing and started this here blog. So yeah, I’ve grown. This office job was great – it was home – but it’s not big enough for me anymore.

So today, as I say goodbye to a place that I thought would be my “forever job”, I shed an internal tear, and thank God that His plan for me is far more cleverer than I could ever comprehend.


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