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5 tips to setting up your home office

Whether you are burning the midnight oil for your own side hustle or bringing work home from the office, chances are you’d be a lot more productive in a cute home office space. Setting up your office nook doesn’t have to be a drag. There is a bevy of awesome tips on the internet! Superbalist also has the chicest range of office accessories, chairs, and desks. Visit the online store and explore more to find the style that works for you. Here are some other things to remember when setting up a home office:

Choose the right desk

While it may seem easier to simply repurpose a vanity or kitchen table, it is much wiser to find a desk for your home office. Dedicating a table or desk to your office space will help to cue your brain to get into “work mode” when you are seated at it. Consider things like size, colour, height, and functionality, when searching for your home office desk.

home office Lighting is everything

No matter the size of your space, you can set the atmosphere with good lighting. Natural light is a winner, but try to incorporate a task light as well. Allow the lighting to sweep through the room, with metal and glass office accessories, and open shelving.

Use your walls

Use your wall space to set up a stylish gallery of printed or painted images that helps to bring across your personality, catering to what will make you feel more focused and productive. You can also use wall space to set up shelving and storage space. Patterned wall paper is a great way to bring some more dimension and colour into a tiny space.

home office Tame your cables

Give your office space a face list by hiding unsightly cords and cables. You can do this with cord covers and tubes. Making sure that your electronic equipment is close to outlets is another easy way to tame the jungle of cables in your space.

Sit easy

Considering the amount of time that we spend working, it’s so important to have a comfortable office chair for your home office. A comfy chair can help to make your workspace that much more productive. A quality chair will most likely be a bit pricier, but a lot more ergonomical. Consider the height of the chair (and whether it is adjustable), the back rest and the arm rests when finding the perfect office chair.

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