The big gender reveal

Well, I’m more than half way into cooking a whole baby in my belly and we have yet to reveal the gender to anyone. More so because we don’t know our little youngling’s gender either. And guess what you guys, we don’t plan to find out anytime soon.

Our big gender reveal will most likely only take place when baby Williams is actually here. Yep – we’re going ‘royal family’ and will only find out baby’s gender once he/she is born. As you can imagine, this was totally and completely Hubstopher’s idea (because I have a super intense spreadsheet brain and I need to know everything all the time). I had, in fact, planned many an elaborate gender reveal parties in my head (Imagine us skydiving out of an aeroplane and when our parachute opens up, it reveals either pink or blue! Genius, right?!) But alas, I will not be having my Youtube moment.

Current mood: Aaaaaack!

For the most part I’ve managed to keep my emotions in check and even though I try to read my ultra sound scans with a doctor’s eye (hey, I watch Grey’s Anatomy, I’m practically a doctor anyways), I’ve still not been able to decipher whether our little one has a winky or a wonky.

I mean, okay, you’ve got to give it to Hubstopher… not finding out the gender is pretty quirky and cool. But it DOES hold serious implications.

I mean, for starters, (and most importantly) do I buy pink or blue clothing? Fair enough, I have spotted really pretty baby wear in greys and tans and muted yellows and mint greens. But that’s not the point. Do I get pink or blue?! Huh?!

The other thing is that our sissie is convinced that it’s a sister. We’ve been trying to prepare our smallies for the impending birth of baby Williams, and we refer to it as “the baby” or as “baby brother or sister” but, you guys, she’s so convinced that it’s a sister that she’s actually convinced me too. (I do realize that it’s probably a boy, just because I think it’s a girl. Such is my life.)

Not knowing the gender kinda deters us from deciding on a name. I mean, I’ve already decided on a name that is unisex (much to Hubstopher’s disdain). And when I say “decided” I mean, I’ve pretty much personalised items with the name on it. He says I’m rude for not waiting for his approval. I say “How many of our children have you birthed from your actual body? Exactly.” And back and forth we go. So we’re currently sans name.

I guess other cons to not knowing the gender is that it might be a bit harder to bond with baby… well, that’s what the internet says. I haven’t had that problem though (praise God) and to be honest, I’m actually a lot more excited about the birth than I thought I would be (natural birth yo, without any pain relief at all… it’s a trip!)

I guess finding out the gender at birth will be the cherry on the cake, after giving birth to three kids in a span of five years.

If you’ve held off finding out what your baby’s gender is, until birth, please drop me a message in the comments section below and let me know how it all went down!

By the way, current mood is still aaaack!


  • Renee Dreyden

    This is such a fun read. But I agree with hubstopher. Wait till baby is here. Nowadays ppl have surprises after reveals. And it’s exciting to wait. With both my kids I didn’t want to know. All the best for the second half.

  • Dionne

    Hats off to you guys! I had all these big ideas about not finding out the sex and waiting
    … and at the 1st ultra sound i caved 😉 the OCD in me was too much to handle lol

  • Mandy Frank

    As you know we did that with Avè ..waited until the birth. Totally surprised, as I’d been convinced she was a boy !!! I do though, agree that not knowing the gender has some inpact on the bonding .. but .. I think I hold back due to a previous miscarriage. With Joey we did the big baby reveal and I absolutely loved it !!! In church, with the family. Both ways are amazing !!! So much love for you guys.

  • Toni

    We waited until the birth with our first baby (a boy). It was fun trying to guess the gender but I also agree that it had a bit of an impact where bonding was concerned.
    With our second now (30 weeks), I wanted to know the gender beforehand because I just wanted to be a bit more prepared. I’m glad we did because we are having a girl and I can buy all the cute pink and girly things in the world!

  • Tamsyn

    We waited to find out with my youngest and it was a complete surprise when he entered the world – our first son. I think i had secretly convinced myself that he would be a she… so much so that when doctors announced it was a boy, i asked them to double check. Not my finest moment lol. Such an amazing journey nonetheless. Speaking life in abundance over you and your precious child. I see a crown on baby’s head and either way, girl or boy, he or she is already a royal heir to the throne of the Father. Blessings to you.

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