My Spreadsheet Brain focuses on parenting, marriage and faith. Creator and editor, Luchae Williams, is a young mom of 4, wife to 1 and co-host of the #ECMeetUp – an annual bloggers conference held in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Voted ‘Best Parenting Blog’ and ‘Best Spiritual Blog’ runner up at the 2018 SA Blog Awards; ‘Best Parenting Blog’ runner up spot in the 2016 SA Blog Awards and the ‘Best Spiritual Blog’ runner up at the 2017 SA Blog Awards.

stop asking me to have another baby


Hello, my name is Luchae. Welcome to my brain. ‘My Spreadsheet Brain’ to be exact. Why “spreadsheet brain”? Well, because I am a list making, color coordinating, calendar-checking nut job and I use the term a lot when trying to explain why I do the things I do.

I love writing about life as a mom of four – one very opinionated teenager, one pre-teen step son, one totally adorbs, totally girly toddler and our latest addition, our sweet baby boy. I also chat about stuff like marriage (I married a rockstar, btw) and just life in general. It’s a crazy world out there and we’ve got to keep it together up here *taps forehead*, ya know?

You’ll also see lots and lots of nail art over here because I have no social life and love doing my nails while watching episodes of The Voice. (Just jokes. About the social life. Kinda.) I’m not exactly a fashionista so I often find myself living out my fashion dreams vicariously through my toddler, who loves taking photo’s and being mommy’s little model.

I’m a regular reviewer and contributor for various online Christian publications. If you spot the occasional review on my site, it is all my complete and honest opinion. I swear. You can count on me.

I’m just a regular gal trying to stay regular (haha, but no, seriously). My aim is to always keep it real, say what I feel and feel what I’m saying. My life may not be Hollywood perfect, but it is perfectly imperfect and just right for me!