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Lil Punk Boutique: Four ways to style a tutu

With colder weather approaching, I have to get creative when it comes to choosing outfits for my girl. I mean, she insists on wearing dresses and skirts! Not ideal when it’s storming outside. But how does one up the cuteness level of a Winter outfit, while keeping a very ‘girly girl’ happy? Enter: The Tutu Skirt.

We were so excited to receive a gift from Aunty Jill, of Lil Punk Boutique, that contained the cutest tulle tutu skirt and retro tshirt set in the whole wide world! Like, it’s so cute, I would wear it! The retro shirt is part of the latest Lil Punk range and you can pick up these funky retro ringer necks in long sleeve too!

After a long time of producing the funkiest kids clothing, Jill finally designed a tutu skirt that meets her high requirements. These are super comfy (thick waist band), and the tulle is of the best quality (and none of that “rip around the edges” type… you know what I mean). I also appreciate that there is 2 layers of quality tulle and 1 layer of extra thick satin right at the bottom, because modesty is a big deal when it comes to my baby girl.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Luchae, seriously, how many tutu skirts can one girl own? Well, not enough, according to my little girl. BUT if you have the RIGHT tutu skirt, it can grow with your girl (shorter skirts can be worn over pants) AND you can rock it in many different ways! Check these outfit ideas out:

Four ways to style a tutu

Tights and sneakers 

Pair your tulle skirt with a pair of thick winter leggings and a pair of cute sneakers, to pull off an effortless and comfy rainy-weather party look! Darker tutu’s, like this gorgeous black tulle tutu by Lil Punk Boutique, pair well with those warm winter tones and hey, you could team this up with just about any hue of thick winter tights! I mean, the funkier the better, right? A neutral or metallic sneaker will complete the look. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Denims and diamante

Dress up a tulle skirt with denims, for an instant glam look. We paired this denim jacket with some warm leggings, cute gum boots and sparkly accessories, for a fun Winter vibe. I love that the Lil Punk Boutique tulle skirt has a bottom layer of extra thick satin, which makes it the perfect skirt for those cold days. Kari clearly loved this outfit!

Chunky knits 

Don’t be afraid to layer those chunky knits and team it up with that favorite tutu skirt. The comfy look of those cute winter jersey’s work so well with a glammed up tulle skirt. The Lil Punk Boutique skirt has a fabulous glitter waist band (nice and thick, for extra comfort) and sprinkles of glitter on the body of the skirt. Kari insisted on wearing her favorite brown Winter boots and chunky knitted hat. I think she looks kinda cute, don’t you?

Jeans and statement tees

You could even pair that tulle skirt with a pair of skinny jeans, a funky statement t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or boots! Who said that jeans and a tshirt has to be boring. A pretty tutu skirt can totally spruce that look up, getting you party-ready in no time. Karis is literally okay with basically any outfit, provided she gets to wear a tutu over it. I mean, the girl makes sense, right?

Lil Punk Boutique tulle tutu skirt: R200 – R280 (size dependant)
Lil Punk Boutique short sleeved ringer tee: R200

You can order these items directly from Lil Punk via the stores Facebook and Instagram accounts


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