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Gift ideas for the practical girl

I’m an expert gift receiver and I have many years of gift giving experience under my belt. So one would say that I’m a pro of sorts (self proclaimed). And today, dear friends, I thought to share my gift giving wisdom with you! (And the crowd goes wild.) Truth be told, the topic came up when I was chatting to a friend who is a Practical Penny like I am. I mean, us Sensible Sarahs are quite difficult to shop for, I’m sure. I apologize on behalf of all of us.

But, good news, I come with tips and tricks! If you’re looking to spoil your practical friend (who probably won’t be swooning over a box of chocolates or another bath and body set), look no further. Here is a list of practical gift ideas, you know, for that functional girl who probably gets excited about a desk organizer more than a tub of body lotion.

Gift ideas for the practical girl

Vouchers and Experiences

Vouchers to your girl’s favorite stores are always a winner! Plus, if she’s a practical girl, I’m sure she’ll probably be more excited that can shop at her own leisure, purchasing goodies that may not come in a gift bag (i.e. underwear, socks or even work attire). If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, how about a pamper voucher or an experience voucher that could have homegirl enjoying their birthday while experiencing the adventure of a game drive, chartering a yacht for a sunset cruise or even enjoying a wine tasting tour.

Gifts ideas for the practical girlLuxe homeware

Want to know what your functional girl gets excited about? Fresh towels! New bedding! Beautiful storage kitchen containers! Matching photo frames! Luxe bathrobes and slippers! Pretty oven mits and kitchen sets! Excuse the exclamation marks, I don’t know why I’m shouting. I guess I’m just excited to tell you that the Sensible Sarahs of this world would appreciate anything that would last for a very long time. A practical girl is always on that useful trip, and would probably only spend a ton of cash on a homeware item, if it’s something that she could probably use until she’s like, 80.

Stuff she actually uses

I’m here for all the lovely smelling bath and body stuff. But sometimes your homegirl is allergic to specific products and ingredients. If you’re going to purchase creams and treatments, rather try to find out what she uses. Your practical girl would go gaga if she unwraps her gift and finds out that she doesn’t have to spend her hard earned moola on her favorite face cream or perfume, this month, because someone has thoughtfully gifted her with it. We’re a frugal, easy-to-please bunch.

Hobbies and interests

We all have that favorite thing to do. For some of us (me, I’m pointing at me) it probably involves listening to Tori Kelly and, you know, binge watching The Voice. For others it might be nail art or crafting or hey, I’m not judging, exercising. (Exercising has become a thing, you guys, I don’t understand it but I support it.) My point is that your friend probably has hobbies and interests and if ever you’re stumped and not sure what type of gift to buy her, how about gifting her with something related to this hobby. I know, genius. Clue: Books are always a good idea, if she has a favorite author!

GirlShoes and bags

I feel like shoes and hand bags are, like, the unspoken “best birthday gift idea” of the female world. Right? We’re female and we love shoes and hand bags. There, I said it. Not sure what type of bag or style of shoe to get Practical Penny? Here’s a tip for free: simply check out the style of hand bag and shoe she wears on a regular basis, and base your pick around that. Penny isn’t your “I need an orange Armani bag because I have one in every color” kind of girl. Stick to neutral colors or basic black. Penny will be overjoyed.

Keep it classy 

When you think practical or sensible, you might be thinking “uhh boring!” But your practical chick is none of the above. She’s not bland or boring. She just prefers to keep it classy… think: CLASSIC, stylish and elegant. She knows what she likes and is not easily moved by the latest trends and fads. She also values her friendships and relationships and probably only has a handful of you (because she’s very old school like that) so I’m sure she’s going to love whatever you end up gifting her!

Do you have any practical gift ideas? Drop them in the comments section below. 

Pics: “towels” designed by jcomp; “shoes and bags” designed by senivpetro


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