The truth about Valentine’s Day

The truth about Valentine's Day

So today is the big V Day and judging by the amount of red and white outfits I spotted on my way to the office, people are really getting into it. But I was wondering, do you know the real… Continue Reading

Getting that fresh breath fix with Sunstar GUM {Win a hamper!}

February has been dubbed “relationship month” and I’m a fan of the festivities that go with it. I love that we get to celebrate relationships and love and intimacy. But, to be honest, Valentine’s Day in our home, at the… Continue Reading

Are you a married single mom?

I became a mom at a very young age. My baby daddy and I were not married. When our relationship ended, and he moved to another city, I suddenly found myself navigating the choppy waters of parenthood alone, as a… Continue Reading

Who really wins when you give him the silent treatment

when you give him the silent treatment

Let’s face it, when it comes to having disagreements in a marriage, nothing makes you feel more vindicated than a solid silent treatment session. I mean, how else are husbands going to learn?! when you give him the silent treatment,… Continue Reading

For those days when you don’t want to be married anymore

dont want to be married anymore

Sometimes I get why they call marriage an “institution”… because my Hubstopher literally makes me go mental. And the funny thing is, a couple of hours prior to that, I thought that unicorns and rainbows appeared when he pooped. How… Continue Reading

Do you keep your friend’s secrets from your husband?

I’ve only been married for a few seconds (give or take 4 years) but few things have baffled me about marriage the way this dilemma does: Should I be telling my husband my friend’s secrets? We know that marriage is built on… Continue Reading

Dear husband, you’re not doing a good job…

Dear husband, you’re not doing a good job right now. I mean, not that I would ever tell you. And why should I? You should just know these things. Things like knowing that: If I reply to your message with… Continue Reading

To Hubstopher, on his birthday

Today the man that I call Hubstopher turns 30 years old. To him it’s just Tuesday. To me, it’s another reason to celebrate his life and all that he means to us. I know that he often disregards all the… Continue Reading

“Being married sucks!” I told him

The other night, while in heated debate (let’s call it a heated debate, okay?) with my Hubstopher about something so mundane I can’t even remember what the topic was anymore, I said to him “I don’t know WHY people want to… Continue Reading

Are you embracing your inner ‘psycho girlfriend’?

7de Laaners, all across South Africa, have been fuming recently as they watch their beloved Errol (played by Christo Davids) be mistreated by his new flame,Tarryn (played by Kay Smith). I mean, this girl has major psycho girlfriend tendencies. From smashing their… Continue Reading