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Dear husband, you’re not doing a good job…

Dear husband, you're not doing a good jobDear husband, you’re not doing a good job right now. I mean, not that I would ever tell you. And why should I? You should just know these things.

Things like knowing that: If I reply to your message with ‘K’ then I’m probably NOT “okay”. And my clipped, “whatever” and “do it if you want”, probably means I DON’T want you to do it. But you should easily pick that up. I mean, you should just know. (more…)

To Hubstopher, on his birthday

hubstopherToday the man that I call Hubstopher turns 30 years old. To him it’s just Tuesday. To me, it’s another reason to celebrate his life and all that he means to us.

I know that he often disregards all the wonderful attributes that make him unique and wonderful to me… things like being able to forgive someone who wronged him 5 minutes ago or offering to give someone a ride home, even when he is utterly exhausted and the destination is on the other side of town. Stuff like that. Being able to put another persons needs before yours may seem like the trait of a meek personality, but in my opinion it is one of the bravest, boldest characteristics to have. (more…)

“Being married sucks!” I told him

Being married sucks!The other night, while in heated debate (let’s call it a heated debate, okay?) with my Hubstopher about something so mundane I can’t even remember what the topic was anymore, I said to him “I don’t know WHY people want to get married! Being married sucks!” (more…)

Are you embracing your inner ‘psycho girlfriend’?


7de Laaners, all across South Africa, have been fuming recently as they watch their beloved Errol (played by Christo Davids) be mistreated by his new flame,Tarryn (played by Kay Smith). I mean, this girl has major psycho girlfriend tendencies. From smashing their crockery (on the first night at their own place) to cutting his guitar strings (yoh!). Say it with me now: Issues! (more…)

Marriage, weddings and saying yes to the dress

Luchae and Chris Williams (C) Donna vd Watt Photography 0350 1

Wedding photos taken by Donna vd Watt Photography

As I’ve mentioned before, a bunch of our friends (who happened to be part of our bridal party when we got married) have said yes to the dress and are also getting married now! I’d like to think that it was our inloveness that rubbed off on them. (Shameless credit hogging)

Luchae and Chris Williams (C) Donna vd Watt Photography 0325 1

As friendship would have it, Chris and I have both been asked to be bridesmaid/groomsmen in these weddings, so it’s kinda taking me back into “wedding freak out” mode. In a good way. I love the excitement of weddings and the thought that 2 people are about to enter into a beautiful covenant together! Part of my wedding speech, to Chris, was that although I am sister, daughter, friend to many, I am wife to only ONE! Marriage is such a beautiful thing. Good job God, good job.

Anyways, so today I went with Risa to fit on her wedding dress and lo and behold what do I spot in the dressmakers shop? My wedding dress! AACK! I had it “made to hire” because really, what must I do with a Moldiv_1455626915211wedding dress after the wedding? Just seeing it hang there brought back sooo much memories and emotions.

The pic doesn’t do the color justice. I had purposefully chosen a champagne/goldy dress because (besides for steering away from the conventional white) I wanted something that represented where Chris and I were at in our lives. I mean, it’s no secret that we had a kid each, going into this marriage. And for me, although God has restored like only He can, wearing all white simply did not symbolise exactly what He has done in my life. He took a dream that seemed to be broken and impossible and turned it into pure gold! This dress, in many ways, was me shedding the old and putting on new robes. It is a testament to how God is able to turn ashes into beauty.

And besides for all that spiritual stuff, I think that amidst all the wedding planning and preps, choosing your wedding dress and fitting it on for the very first time kinda gives you the best kind of “this is actually happening!” feeling. I obviously cried when I fit my dress on the first time (obviously) and I remember feeling like a princess in it.


Don’t mind me, I’m just going to sit here and wallow in some nostalgia….

Luchae and Chris Williams (C) Donna vd Watt Photography 0242 1 Luchae and Chris Williams (C) Donna vd Watt Photography 0249 1
Luchae and Chris Williams (C) Donna vd Watt Photography 0801 1

What is your wedding dress story, friends?


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