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5 habits that will help you to commit to date night

What do men’s shirt and date nights have in common? Well, in our home, both shirts for men and sexy date nights are sighted on an extremely rare occasion. In fact – what is this myth called “date night” and how do we get one??

Jokes aside – we are busy parents, okay? And, to be honest, we often struggle to commit to spending quality time together. BUT, date night is important, my friends. Especially when you are actively working towards keeping that marital fire burning! It is a must and a need!

Needless to say, when it comes to spending time together, Hubstopher and I do need a little bit of motivation. And nothing inspires us more than a fancy new spot to visit, a well-planned schedule and a cute new outfit to wear. I spotted a couple of sultry dresses (for me, obvz) and swanky looking formal shirts for men on Superbalist the other day and felt so inspired to make QT happen more regularly.

Also, it gave me a reason to go shopping (because my online shopping cart looks a lot less suspicious if there’s an occasional men’s formal shirts in the mix). But regardless, date night needed to become a regular thing!

I scoured the web and found a couple of easy ways to finally commit to a regular QT appointment! Let me know what you think and if you have any tips for us on how to stick to our new found commitment.

5 habits that will help you to commit to date night!

1. Take turns planning a monthly date night

Commit to date night atleast once a month – but (here’s the catch) decide on a day at the start of the month and stick to that date as if it were a work commitment. No unnecessary forfeits allowed! Take turns to plan the date night, each month. By swapping planning duties, we remove some of the burden off each other and we are able to surprise each other and make it extra special.

2. Create a cool/fun regime 

Create fun date night traditions that make it easier for you to explore and experience new things together. One fun date night regime could be to explore a new restaurant or a new hot spot each month. Or perhaps you are the outdoorsy type and would be interested in exploring various outdoor activities. Whatever floats your boat! The idea is to spend time together and to grow together, as a couple.

3. Preparation is key

Proper date night preparation will help you to stay committed to the cause! Simple things like researching venues beforehand, having a date night budget each month, and making sure you have a team of babysitters to call on, will go a long way towards helping you stick to your date night appointment.

4. Date night can be “date day” too

Do not despise a day time “date night”, friend! Quality time, during the day, means you don’t need to splurge on a babysitter (if the kids are at school). A date, on a pretty sunny day can comprise of picnics, beach hangs or you could even spend time in nature while having a chat. Or hey, since you are alone at home (with kids at school) you could even hang out on your own couch – for free!

5. Make weekly quality time a thing 

I realised that date nights don’t have to be once in a while thing. It has to be a lot more regular in order to keep the fire burning. Designating time, each week, to staying connect will help you to stay connected. Couch time and quick coffee dates can help with that! Tip: Ditch the phones!

Let me know if any of these tips will help you to commit to date night!

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