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Fashion Friday: Celebrating authenticity with Krulkop Society

My children dress better than I do. There, I said it. Kiddies fashion has really gone up a level though, and I love that we now have a bunch of lekker local online kids stores to choose from. I’m very proud to say that some of these online boutiques are owned by Nelson Mandela Bay locals (#sharethebay, yo). Kids fashion in the Bay is slamming! (#biasednotbiased). So I thought to show you guys some of my fave proudly PE online kids boutiques and how cute my kid looks modelling their fashion. Hows that for a double whammy? Disclaimer: These weekly Fashion Friday posts may or may not spur on a crazy online shopping spree.

Krul Kop Society

It’s no secret – I love dressing my kid up! And she loves it too… can you tell? I’m totally going with her flow, if you know what I mean. I’ve decided long ago (never to walk in anyone’s shadow?) that I’m going to let my curly girl be exactly who she wants to be – who she was called to be! And yep, that includes not straightening her hair, unless she asks. Do you blame me though, her curls are on fleek. (Pretend I said that all cool-like, and stuff).

So when I met the gorgeous Abegail of Krulkop Society and learnt about her passion – to create a culture of self-acceptance and authenticity in society- I was like, yasss girl! I can get on board with this!

Krulkop Society was birthed in 2017 when Abe saw this gap in the market… this need for people to realize their worth and celebrate their originality. She wanted to start a brand (and a movement, yo) that celebrated this authenticity… you know, the unique characteristics that makes you, you. And so the Krulkop slogan tee was born. It was originally aimed at naturlistas, basically helping them proudly wear their hair decisions on their sleeves, so to speak. With funky fresh slogans and designs, Abe’s concept took the local naturalista scene by storm, and she soon found her range morphing into something else.

I mean, I don’t have curly hair but I want a t-shirt too! What do I do?! Well, Abegail caters for you too, my sleek-haired sister! There is now a Krulkop slogan tee for just about everyone – the bearded brother, the brother with no hair, the naturalista and the straight-haired diva. We are all catered for.

And by “all” I mean men and women, young and old! In these pics, Kari models her two fave Krulkop slogan tshirts, paired with her KidCoCo tutu skirt. I love that there are “Krulkop Seun” tshirts too! These tshirts are a comfy fit and they maintain their shape and quality, even after it’s been through the wash.

But wait, there’s more! Because the branded t-shirt range grew quite popular really quickly, Abe saw opportunity for expansion. This eventually lead to the birth of her gifts range. Looking for a cool, affordable gift idea? The Krulkop gifts range offers you quirky gifts, bedecked with really cool slogans and words of encouragement that aims to leave your gift recipient a little more empowered and uplifted. Hows that for a double score?

What’s next for Krulkop Society? Well, Abe is so keen to get more involved with like-minded organisations and businesses who are looking to partner with her. She is also planning to host unique events in the city to help promote the Krulkop message of self-love and acceptance.

She also told me that her new range will be out soon. So keep your eyes glued to social media for more on that! For more information or to get in touch with Abegail, you can find Krulkop society on Instagram and Facebook, or email her directly.

About this shoot

This photo shoot was done in collaboration with Kelly Adams of Basically Kelly at the gorgeous The Windermere hotel in Nelson Mandela Bay.

All photos in this post was taken by my talented blogger friend, Odette Johaar of Odette Johaar Photography and Totally Confident & Completely Insecureblog.


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