Schnooky Pie Girls Summer 17: Pretty and Practical!

I love that my only daughter is the girliest girl in all the land! She’s like, a proper girly girl. She wears my high heels and jewelry around the house and asks for lipstick and make up. I mean, who… Continue Reading

Bath time with Baby Dove

As is the tradish, Curly and I did our monthly pamper, this time with the new Baby Dove range. I usually enjoy the banter that goes with it. But much to my dismay, the convo quickly went South – literally… Continue Reading

Extra-murals and the toddler – worth the spend?

Is it just me or has there been a sudden increase in extra-mural activity options for our young ones? I mean, what happened to good ol’ ballet and karate classes? We’ve super-saiyaned guys, and our kids can literally learn how… Continue Reading

Snazzy new Tommee Tippee sippee cups made this mama happy

So if you guys recall, I previously chatted about the Tommee Tippee sippee cups and how moms around the world claimed that these non-spill cups were prone to mold build up. Pictures circulated the net and the drama was rife. As you… Continue Reading

My toddler is dramatic and it’s NOT my fault

My two year old brings the drama. Yes, my toddler is dramatic… there, I said it. Oh wait, you think I’m exaggerating. Let me put it to you this way: On a scale of one to Beyonce, she totally ranks… Continue Reading

Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party brings the festivities!

Every year Nelson Mandela Bay kiddies (and their parents) gear up for Uncle Jumbos Christmas Party – a fun filled evening of make believe and Christmas activities. This year our curly girl visited Uncle Jumbo and his friends for the very first time… Continue Reading

More tricks for curly chicks

I’m a fan of curls, even though I’m not exactly living on the curly side of life. My baby girl, however, has hair that makes random people in shopping malls think that it’s okay to touch it. Bless them. But… Continue Reading

Things to do in Port Elizabeth (with your toddler) this Summer!

Christmas and the school holidays are just around the corner and boy am I excited! Our girl is 2 years old this year and we are finally able to explore PE and have some toddler fun with her! Fun with… Continue Reading

Win tickets to the Clicks Baby Bootcamp!

Yo, PE Moms! I come with glad tidings of great joy: The Clicks Baby Bootcamp is coming to a town near you! Be honest, do you sometimes feel out of your element when it comes to making decisions wrt baby’s health and wellness? Well,… Continue Reading

Are your kids losers? {Stick2Me can help!}

My kids are amazing, but let’s face it, they are losers. They lose things ALL the time. Are your kids like mine? Maybe your kids are supernaturally gifted in the “coming home with both socks on” department. Maybe you’ve never had to… Continue Reading